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Baker Hughes assures that there are no irregularities about the Houston house

Baker Hughes has ruled out the existence of a conflict of interest related to its business in Mexico and the house in which the eldest son of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador lived and which, according to journalistic investigations, belongs to a former director of the company. of oil services.

Bob Perez, the company’s vice president for Mexico and Latin America, said tonight that Baker Hughes resorted to an independent investigation to define the probable existence of irregularities in its business in Mexico, which involve the state-owned Pemex. “I can tell you that we did not find a conflict of interest or anything irregular, [everything is] totally in accordance with Mexican laws and the practices of this company,” the manager said tonight at a last-minute conference called by Pemex.

A few weeks ago, an investigation by Latinus and Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity revealed that José Ramón López Beltrán and his family lived in a house in Houston, Texas, that belongs to Keith Shilling , a former top manager of Baker Hughes, who maintains contracts with Pemex.

Baker’s vice president assured this afternoon that the independent audit, carried out by an external company, analyzed Shilling’s files and emails, and all the documentation related to the businesses in which he was involved. The company defended that none of the activities of the former Baker director were related to his business in Mexico, since the positions he held were within the company’s division in North America. “He had no contact with our clients from Mexico,” Perez said.

Keith Schilling, the company says, was a sales leader in the United States and later, in 2019, a company leader in Canada.

The company carried out this audit as part of a request from its shareholders, who asked it to carry out the necessary investigations to rule out any conflict of interest. Baker Hughes is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, which places extra pressure on the company regarding its actions to comply with ethical standards.

Baker assured that there was “no red flag” in the transaction and that the company had no relationship with the rent of the property. “Baker Hughes was never consulted or aware of the leasing transaction. The company was made aware of the transaction when it was reported in the media as it was a private transaction,” Baker Hughes said in a press release.

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