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Bavarian restaurant opens in Cologne – "Reminiscent of an alpine pasture, just more cozy"

A new Bavarian restaurant opens in Cologne: The Starnberger Alm opens in mid-January 2022. The menu includes traditional dishes that are implemented in a modern way.

Cologne – A new Bavarian restaurant is moving into the center of Cologne *. The Starnberger Alm will open in mid-January 2022 and represents a modern Bavarian Alm. "We want to reach everyone with 'casual dining'", is how Tyler Hahne, CEO, sums up the Starnberger Alm concept.
24RHEIN * reveals what customers can expect in the Starnberger Alm in Cologne.

The new restaurant in downtown Cologne * has two floors and relies on Bavarian cuisine that is "reinterpreted". That means: there are numerous classics on the menu – from knuckle of pork to schnitzel to cheese spaetzle – with new variations. For example, there is a Kaiserschmarrn ice cream in the Starnberger Alm. (jaw) * 24RHEIN is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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