NewsBecause it's easy: Pietro Lombardis and Sarah Engels' son...

Because it's easy: Pietro Lombardis and Sarah Engels' son has a new surname

Created: 08/09/2022, 07:11

Pietro Lombardi und Sarah Engels mit Julian, Alessio und Solea
Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels have a son together: Alessio. After the divorce, the six-year-old now has a double surname. © Instagram/sarellax3 & IMAGO / Marc John

In 2021, Sarah Engels married Julian Büscher and took her maiden name again after her marriage to Pietro Lombardi. The former couple’s son, Alessio, carried his father’s last name long after the divorce. But this has long since changed.

Cologne – Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi met in 2011 in the eighth season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. Together they were in the final and confessed their love for each other in front of an audience of millions. After the show, not only the wedding followed, but also a son: Alessio.

Because it’s easy: Pietro Lombardis and Sarah Engels son has a new surname

A few years later, the couple announced their love, and since then they have shared custody of their son. After the wedding with Julian Büscher, Sarah took her maiden name “Engels” again – whether Alessio now also takes his mother’s last name or remains a Lombardi remains an unanswered question for many fans. In an Instagram question and answer session, Sarah Engels now wants to clarify this.

Sarah Engels Instagramstory
Sarah Engels answers her fans’ questions on Instagram © Instagram/sarellax3

“Alessio now has a double surname, doesn’t he?” A fan wants to know. The singer replies, “Yes, exactly. Especially for trips like the one to America, I think it’s very important that we all have the same last name and that I’m not asked during the check whether that’s my child.”

Pietro Lombardi is back with Laura Maria

In which order the surnames are now on his passport, Sarah does not tell her fans. Whether Lombardi-Engels or Engels-Lombardi, the main thing is that Alessio is fine.

As soon as the former DSDS winner is back in firm hands, fans heat up the rumor mill. Pietro Lombardi’s friend Laura Maria Rypa actually only wanted to show her fans her hairstyle when they noticed a small detail in the background. A beauty oil for stretch marks during pregnancy is on a table. Sources used: instagram/sarellax3 &

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