NewsBecause of a dispute over Meghan Markle, Harry missed...

Because of a dispute over Meghan Markle, Harry missed the plane to the Queen's deathbed

Created: 10/06/2022 06:47 am

Many rumors of conflict with his father surround Harry’s late arrival on the eve of Queen Elizabeth’s death. Now there are new insights.

LONDON – Prince Harry (37) rushed separately to Queen Elizabeth II (96, †2022)’s deathbed after he was apparently not allowed to board the plane with his brother and uncles to Scotland. Tragically, everyone was late. But now an insider in the Telegraph reveals a whole new take on the delicate situation.

Prince Harry just didn’t make it to the airport in time

“It wasn’t about offending or hurting anyone. It was just protocol and they [the Sussexes] have always respected that,” the source explains, giving a much more mundane reason: “It was just a mistake,” they said. Harry didn’t miss his Royal Air Force flight to Scotland with Prince William (40), Prince Andrew (62), Prince Edward (58) and Sophie Wessex (57) because he wasn’t allowed to go, but because he simply did didn’t make it in time.

Offenbar war der Streit um Meghan schuld, dass Prinz Harry seinen Flug verpasste und zu spät ans Sterbebett Queen Elizabeths II. eilen konnte. Es war also ein Versehen, keine Taktik der Royal Family(Fotomontage).
Apparently, the dispute over Meghan was to blame for Prince Harry missing his flight and being late for Queen Elizabeth II’s deathbed. So it was an accident, not a Royal Family tactic(photomontage). © i Images/Imago & Kyodo News/Imago

The Sun newspaper previously reported that Harry missed the flight because of discussion that Charles III. (73) Harry’s wife Meghan (40) did not want to see his mother’s deathbed, it had taken too long. It said: “Harry was so busy getting Meghan to Balmoral and at odds with his family that he missed the flight.”

Inconsistencies in the timing of the day before the night of death

The plane with Edward, Andrew and William to Scotland took off an hour late. It was scheduled for 1:30 p.m. but didn’t fly until 2:39 p.m.

Just before 2 p.m., a spokesman for the Sussexes announced that Harry and Meghan were traveling to Scotland together. Half an hour later, a spokesman for the Sussexes corrected that only Harry intended to travel, saying it was a mistake, they said.

Prime Minister Liz Truss (47) was informed in good time at 4.30 p.m. It seems strange that communication with Prince Harry should not have worked.

Even meticulous reconstructions could not silence the rumor mill

Anyway, Harry’s separate flight, like the flight with the royal family members, arrived late in Aberdeen. None of the inmates made it in time to personally say goodbye to the dying queen. She closed her eyes forever in the presence of her son and future King Charles and her daughter Princess Anne (72).

Many rumors had dealt with the split in the follow-up report after the death of the Queen. There was speculation that Harry should not have been allowed to fly on the plane as, as an ex-royal, he would have lost the right to board the royal planes. It was often seen as hard-hearted to make it difficult for a loving grandson to find his dying grandmother. Sources used:,,

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