NewsBecause of a trifle: neighbor screwed the door of...

Because of a trifle: neighbor screwed the door of the neighbor with wooden slats

Created: 08/02/2022 10:29 p.m

A blue light shines on the roof of a police car. In the case of a neighborhood dispute in the spa town of Bad Säckingen, the police had to move in at the weekend. © David Inderlied/dpa/Symbolbild

In an apartment building, a man screwed his neighbor’s apartment door shut – because she had not held the door open for him beforehand. The police had to come.

Bad Säckingen – In the spa town of Bad Säckingen in Baden-Württemberg, an unusual dispute broke out over the weekend. The trigger seems trivial to outsiders: a woman had not held the door open for her neighbor. He reacted with drastic measures.

Man bolts neighbor’s apartment door because she didn’t open the door for him

A 44-year-old man screwed the door of his neighbor’s apartment in an apartment building in Bad Säckingen with wooden slats on Saturday. The police were therefore notified at around 12:45 p.m. The neighbor removed the slats in the presence of the police, according to a report by the Freiburg police. There was minor damage to the wall. The 44-year-old said he was annoyed by the neighbor’s behavior. The woman is said not to have held the door open for him and is said to always leave the windows and doors of the house open.

Freiburg police share the incident on Twitter: users react in disbelief

The Freiburg police also shared the message about the neighborhood dispute on the short message service Twitter and promptly received incredulous feedback from various users. “Normal neighbors: stick passive-aggressive notes on the door. He: Screw the door shut” commented one user, for example. Another suspects an article in the satirical magazine Postillon behind the incident. “He was from the postilion, wasn’t he?” he asks. This post even got a direct response from the Freiburg police: “You could assume that, but it’s not like that… Greetings,” the officials wrote.

Neighborhood disputes are not uncommon in Germany. There are always bizarre incidents, but also serious fisticuffs and violence. Psychologist Rolf Schmiel advises “keep a warm distance” to avoid disputes among residents, as he explained to BR . “If I notice in advance, maybe we don’t fit together so well – keep a warm distance. That means being friendly, smiling nicely, greeting people in a friendly way, being helpful.” At the same time, however, one can also make it clear that one needs privacy and thus deal with conflicts with neighbors.

The state association Haus & Grund Rheinland Westfalen advises a direct conversation – for example before a barbecue party. In order to avoid neighborhood disputes or even legal conflicts, the Landesverband Haus & Grund Rheinland Westfalen recommends trying to talk to your neighbors – before you fire up the grill. “Then the neighbors can prepare for the barbecue evening and close their windows in good time,” says state association president Konrad Adenauer.

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