NewsBecause of Andrea Berg and Helene Fischer: One diet...

Because of Andrea Berg and Helene Fischer: One diet after the other with Maite Kelly

Created: 10/11/2022 8:21 am

Pop star Maite Kelly really wanted to be slim. The Berliner did “one diet after the other.” Andrea Berg and Helene Fischer were also the triggers for this, as the 42-year-old reveals.

Berlin – Long, blond hair, a dream figure and over 16 million records sold: all of Germany is amazed at the success of hit star Helene Fischer (38). Pop singer Andrea Berg also wows the masses with her long legs, her distinctive voice and her skimpy stage outfits: she is also said to have sold around 16 million records.

Because of Andrea Berg and Helene Fischer: Maite Kelley went on a diet after the other

The idols in the hit world ensure that other colleagues in the hit business get a lot of pressure: perfect voice, perfect album, perfect looks. Roland Kaiser’s duet partner Maite Kelly (“Why didn’t you say no”) can sing a song about it.

Schlagerstar Maite Kelly verrät nun, dass sie unter Figur-Druck litt: „Ich machte eine Diät nach der anderen!“
Pop star Maite Kelly now reveals that she suffered from figure pressure: “I went on a diet after the other!” © Imago Images

The public figure pressure was the purest “psycho-terror” for the former “Kelly Family” singer, as Maite Kelly now revealed. “I went on one diet after another.”

Maite Kelly on hit stars Andrea Berg and Helene Fischer: “Don’t make the pressure any better”

In a TV interview, pop singer Maite Kelly, who is the eleventh of twelve siblings, poured out her heart and spoke openly about the pressure that stars like Helene Fischer and Andrea Berg unintentionally exert. “Colleagues like Andrea Berg, who still looks so great at 56, or Helene Fischer, who is so slim again just a few weeks after giving birth – women like that don’t make the pressure any better!”

The pop singer herself has long since become a role model for so many women, does not starve herself down to size zero, but stands by herself. But that wasn’t always the case, as Maite Kelly says. “I either didn’t eat anything or I ate too much. There were phases when I imagined I had to be thin,” she revealed in a TV interview. “It brought nothing but psychological terror,” said Maite Kelly.

Maite Kelly was one of the guests at the start of the ZDF television garden this year. The pop musician sang two songs. Viewers commented on her slim looks: “Huge weight loss”. Sources used :

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