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Because of energy costs: Restaurant introduces a fee for radiant heaters – criticism immediately rains down

Created: 10/28/2022, 12:00 p.m

In der Energiekrise im Fokus: Heizstrahler der Gastronomie.
In the focus of the energy crisis: radiant heaters in gastronomy. (symbol photo) © IMAGO / Travel-Stock-Image

Restaurateurs are confronted with high gas and energy prices before winter. A restaurant in Vienna now charges a flat rate for the use of its radiant heaters. Not everyone likes that.

Munich/Vienna – where only to save energy? How to turn down the gas consumption? So that you don’t get dizzy the next time you get an ancillary cost statement. Against the background of the Russia-Ukraine war, consumers have this problem not only in Germany. Trade, industry and the service sector in neighboring countries are also complaining.

Exploding energy costs: Radiant heaters and gas stoves are becoming a challenge for restaurateurs

This applies, for example, to the catering trade, which, after stressful and expensive conditions in the corona pandemic, is now once again facing huge challenges. After all, some large rooms have to be heated in winter. Many also cook with gas. First the sunflower oil ran out, then every stove flame literally became a money burner. tough times.

Of course, don’t forget the heaters in the beer gardens, terrace areas and outdoor serving areas. At the Oktoberfest in Munich, there was already a lot of discussion as to whether or not these should be switched on in view of the current situation – despite consistently cold temperatures. In many places, the debate about this is likely to shift to the winter. A restaurant in the Austrian capital of Vienna is now going one step further and charging its guests, who prefer to sit outside even in the cold months, a fee for using the radiant heaters above the tables.

Energy crisis in Germany and Austria: Restaurant from Vienna takes action on the radiant heaters

“Heater problem! For a long time we thought about how to solve the ‘not only’ this year’s problem with the radiant heaters. Of course, not only for the sake of our wallets, but also for our beloved environment, we have now decided to charge a small table fee for the use of the radiant heaters,” writes the “Lucullus” from the 3rd district of Vienna “Landstrasse” on Instagram.

To classify: The “Lucullus” is a Mediterranean restaurant that is known for a beautifully designed outdoor area. Palm trees and dense lavender bushes stand in the garden, the bars and shelves are partly decorated with mosaic, the tables are made of massive, rustic wood. Overall, the atmosphere is reminiscent of a mixture of Greek tavern and southern Italian trattoria. Apparently, the guests like to sit outside.

“Our problem has always been that our guest garden was full of radiant heaters even in the colder months. There were only a few guests inside,” says the social media post from early October: “With this small flat rate, we want to encourage our guests to think that heating the environment is not always the most necessary thing.” Cost reasons or environmental awareness? The “Lucullus” is at least effective with its radiant heater flat rate. Striking: The “Landstrasse” is considered a wealthy district of Vienna with affluent residents. Would it hurt a few pennies more for warmth?

In the video: How likely is a gas blackout? – Expert clarifies

At least there is also criticism on Instagram. In a comment on the post, a user writes harshly: “Well, soon there will be another place where the greedy landlord will end up in front of the bankruptcy judge! Do you really think the guests will go along with any nonsense? There is a restaurant like yours in Vienna for x1000!”

Flat rates for radiant heaters in beer gardens? Instagram users criticize Viennese local

Another user says: “Have you ever asked the guests – who also want to sit in the garden in winter – why this is their wish? Must have something to do with the unspeakable ban on smoking indoors! Simple solution, dear green climate activists: allow smoking again, no heating pads necessary.” Radiant heaters in sidewalk cafés and tavern gardens, yes or no? And if so, at what price? The discussion is in full swing. (pm)

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