NewsBecause Shania is now 18: Robert Geiss takes on...

Because Shania is now 18: Robert Geiss takes on the role of personal bodyguard

Created: 08/04/2022 06:57 p.m

Fotocollage: Shania Geiss links, gemeinsames Bild mit Vater Robert rechts.
Shania is now 18 – Papa Robert Geiss is the protector. © Screenshots Instagram/Shania Geiss and Robert Geiss

The youngest daughter of Robert and Carmen Geiss has now also turned 18. Nevertheless, the dad takes care of Shania Geiss. He sees himself as her “bodyguard,” as he announced on Instagram.

Monaco – Shania Tyra Geiss (everything about the Geiss daughter) just turned 18. The daughter of Carmen (57) and Robert (58) celebrated a three-day party in Saint-Tropez. The rest of the family, Davina and the parents, were there too.

Three days of party for Shania Geiss’ 18th: Papa Robert was even in the club

In some video sequences, the blonde gave her followers an insight into her coming of age party via Instagram. She popped the corks properly and toasted with 500 euros “Dom Perignon” champagne. Robert Geiss was also there at the club where we went to toast the 18 at midnight. He kept an eye on his offspring.

That coming of age does not mean that Robert Geiss (everything about the Geissens) would no longer hold his daughter’s protective hand, he now made it clear again with an Instagram post. He poses with Shania Geiss in a blurred black and white picture. He writes: “First photo [of] father and daughter. Now Shania is 18. Off to the beach club in my new role as bodyguard.”

Robert Geiss sees himself as Shania Geiss’ “bodyguard”.

Meanwhile, Shania and Davina are showing their parents that they are becoming more and more independent. The two Geiss women have their own reality TV series “Davina & Shania – We Love Monaco” and have moved out at home. Just recently, after Davina, Shania Geiss also passed her Abitur and sees her future in the artistic field.

From her stay in Saint-Tropez, Shania Geiss also published some pictures of her outfits. In a pink jumpsuit, she made the fans freak out. Sources used:;

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