News"Bergdoktor" star orders food without mushrooms - and then...

"Bergdoktor" star orders food without mushrooms – and then does not believe his own eyes

Food intolerances are a big burden, and this “Bergdoktor” star feels it again and again. In a restaurant, the actress was amazed.

Potsdam – Ronja Forcher (25) has been in front of the camera for twenty years, at least as long as she has been struggling with an annoying food intolerance. Despite basic medical knowledge, which she has accumulated over time with her role as Lilli Gruber in “Der Bergdoktor”* (ZDF*), she tries to strictly avoid contact with certain foods. Not every restaurant is a help to her.

“Bergdoktor” actress makes an unpleasant encounter in the restaurant

Some love them, others hate them: mushrooms are not for everyone. Ronja Forcher is also an opponent of eukaryotic organisms. Fungi are neither animals nor plants and thus form their own kingdom. For the “Bergdoktor” actress, that’s not the reason why she doesn’t enjoy fungi. In an Instagram story *, she reports on an experience that she has often had to make.

Ronja Forcher complains about mushrooms in food: “I have an intolerance”

Ronja Forcher talks about her fate in a mock conversation. “My vegetable pan please without mushrooms, I have an intolerance,” she said to the waiter. She would always do that and as always she was told that it was not a problem. “And as always, 20 minutes later I was sitting there picking mushrooms out of my meal. If I could change something, I would wish I could eat mushrooms. They are in so many vegan and vegetarian dishes!” she complains on her Instagram* account. A picture of the ordered food shows said pan after it has been neatly cleaned of the hated mushrooms. The actress has diligently banished them to a glass, far away from her own plate.

„Bergdoktor“-Darstellerin Ronja Forcher hat in einem Restaurant Pilze vorgesetzt bekommen. Zuvor hat sie ausdrücklich darauf hingewiesen, dass sie eine Unverträglichkeit hat. Auf Instagram erzählt sie von diesem Ereignis.


“Bergdoktor” actress Ronja Forcher was served mushrooms in a restaurant. Previously, she expressly stated that she had an intolerance.

“Mountain Doctor” Season 15: From January 20th, Dr. Martin Gruber again the challenges of the Wilder Kaiser

Ronja Forcher doesn’t blame anyone for the faux pas. With a kiss in the air, she thanks you for the “nevertheless super” delicious food. The 25-year-old hardly has time to get excited anyway, after all the Bergdoktor returned from the break on Thursday with a winter special. The 15th season of the popular series will start on January 20th. Martin Gruber turns. Also in the new episodes, Hans Sigl will have to solve dramatic cases around Ellmau in the leading role. His daughter Lilli Gruber, who has been played by Ronja Forcher since the first episode in 2008, is always at his side. For fans who can’t wait for the start of the season, the ZDF media library has the current episodes ready. The first episode “Scheinwelten” is already available there free of charge, and others always follow a week before the regular TV broadcast. As usual, more patient fans can make Thursday “Bergdoktor” day at 8:15 p.m. sharp.

Shortly before the start of the new season, Hans Sigl commented on his role as Dr. Gruber. He doesn’t see himself in the “mountain doctor” drawer. (ale)

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