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Beyond Meat Manager Bites Man's Nose – "He Was Desperately Missing Meat"

Created: 09/23/2022, 6:04 p.m

Ein Produkt von Beyond Meat aus dem Kühlregal
Beyond Meat is the world’s leading producer of vegan meat alternatives. A manager of the company caused a stir with a bite attack. © IMAGO/agefotostock/Richard Levine

An executive at Beyond Meat, the world’s leading manufacturer of vegan food products, reportedly freaked out after a car accident and bit a man on the nose.

Arkansas – Vegan diets and lifestyles are growing in popularity. Not infrequently, in addition to avoiding animal suffering, the reason given is that meat consumption makes a not inconsiderable contribution to climate change. This is one of the reasons why the animal protection organization PETA recently called for a “sex ban for meat-eating men”, since they make up the majority of meat consumers.

The increasing number of vegans also opened up a market for meat alternatives. In Stuttgart, for example, a new vegan burger chain will open at the beginning of October. Burger King is also increasingly focusing on meatless products and recently also launched a purely vegan restaurant. However, the world’s leading producer of vegan meat alternatives is Beyond Meat. However, a manager from the manufacturer caused bewilderment with a questionable bite attack: he is said to have bitten a piece of meat out of a man’s nose.

Minor car accident drives vegan chain manager nuts – man bitten on nose

Beyond Meat executive Doug Ramsey got into a minor car accident in a parking garage after a University of Arkansas football game, according to a Washington County police report, and got out of control, according to local television station KNWA . Ramsey got out of his car after the accident and initially “punched through the rear windshield of his victim’s car.”

But that’s not all: The manager of the vegan chain is said to have pulled the man out of the car, hit him and bit his nose. In doing so, he “ripped the flesh on the tip of his nose,” according to KNWA . According to witnesses, Ramsey also threatened to kill the other driver. Other people who were in the two men’s cars got out and tried to calm the situation.

Beyond Meat suspends manager after bite attack – Netz scoffs: “He urgently needed meat”

The police finally found the two men with “bloody faces”. The vegan producer Beyond Meat has already reacted to the incident and has suspended the chief operating officer, as the company announced. Business Insider reports that Doug Ramsey has been arrested on terrorism-related charges and third-degree assault. He is scheduled to appear in court on October 19.

The incident primarily caused ridicule among users online. “He urgently needed meat,” or “He can probably no longer call himself a vegan,” some users write on Facebook. “Understandable when you’re deprived of meat,” jokes another. “Someone must have told him to try a real burger,” scoffs one user. Curious: There is actually a vegan burger from a Swedish manufacturer that is said to taste like human flesh. He was even awarded for it.

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