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Big Bang at Lidl and Kaufland: That's why boss Gehrig really goes

The boss of Lidl and Kaufland vacated his post in an unexpected action. The reason is apparently a woman.

It has been simmering for months inside the group, which includes the food giants Kaufland and Lidl. Now the volcano erupted with a mighty bang. Boss Klaus Gehrig is leaving the Schwarz Group from Neckarsulm * in Baden-Württemberg, as reported by *. The reason is apparently a woman who also left the company in May and had already caused a bang for her part.

We’re talking about Melanie Köhler. As chairman of the board of Schwarz Services, the 30-year-old steered many of the central fate of Lidl and Kaufland. For a long time, the young woman was even traded as a candidate for the leadership of the Schwarz Group.

Lidl and Kaufland: A bang – that’s what boss Gehrig is really about

And: after a meteoric rise in the Schwarz Group, which had drastically expanded its field of business last year *, Gehring’s personal support made it his right-hand man. So much so that before her departure it was repeatedly speculated that she could even outperform his designated successor at the top of the group, Gerd Chrzanowski.

But in May all that suddenly came to an end. “Melanie Köhler is leaving the company at her own request in order to pursue her professional and personal development outside the Schwarz Group,” said an internal message at the time, according to consistent media reports.

Big Bang at Schwarz Group: Boss Gehrig leaves

Now Gehrig is “spontaneously” following her, as the Schwarz Group announced today. The reason: he was “unable to come to an agreement with the owner about a very important personal issue”. The relationship with the group owner Dieter Schwarz is “still untroubled”, emphasizes the company.

The owner gives Klaus Gehrig a leave of absence with the stipulation that the further cooperation can be regulated in a further discussion and thanks him for the great development work of the past few years.

Press release Schwarz Group

A conversation is now planned between Gehring and Schwarz in order to “regulate further cooperation”. Gehrig originally announced that he would continue to manage the company until the age of 75 – that is, until 2023.

Lidl / Kaufland: Comeback for Dieter Schwarz

With Klaus Gehring’s departure, it is also clear what the future of Lidl and Kaufland looks like. Chrzanowski then clearly determines that. But there is one more surprise.

Dieter Schwarz, who is considered to be absolutely mysterious *, is also involved again. The 81-year-old, who is also one of the richest Germans *, withdrew from the business years ago. He takes on the function of general partner until Chrzanowski can take over Gehrig’s mandate. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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