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Big data antiatascos

Researchers from the University of Granada have designed a computer system that is based on big data (the collection and management of huge amounts of data in search of patterns) to prevent and avoid traffic jams.

His project bears the name of PETRA (Prediction of the State of Traffic) and consists of a set of devices located in urban and interurban areas of Granada, Malaga and Almería that, using Bluetooth, collect information from the mobile devices of vehicles that pass by. of those points, to which they identify and add a timestamp .

The principal investigator of the project, Pablo García Sánchez, explains that "the results of this prototype were a series of measurements (the passage of vehicles for days and hours, average speeds …) in a limited area".

According to him, the data obtained demonstrated the viability of PETRA, which aims to create a real-time information system that can predict the density of traffic in different time frames, and offer that information as open data for consumption in applications created for the mobile.

The idea is to obtain new data that can be analyzed together with those registered through other means (the Wi-Fi signal of vehicle users, Google Traffic, DGT devices …) to predict the possibility of traffic jams, constantly keep the driver and improve the fluidity of car travel.

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