NewsBlackout in Denmark! Power outage on Bornholm - island...

Blackout in Denmark! Power outage on Bornholm – island previously in focus due to Nord Stream sabotage

Created: 10/11/2022, 5:00 a.m

The Danish Baltic Sea island of Bornholm was completely cut off from the power supply on Monday morning. The reason is known. The news ticker.

  • Background for power failure known: transmission system operator Energinet announced that there had been a “technical error”.
  • Blackout on Bornholm: The Danish Baltic Sea island was completely without electricity in the morning.
  • After island-wide power failure: First parts of Bornholm are connected to the supply again.
  • This news ticker is continuously updated.

Update from October 10, 4:21 p.m .: The electricity temporarily failed on the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm on Monday. The background is now known. As the state transmission system operator Energinet announced, a fault in the high-voltage grid meant that consumers on the island had been without electricity since 7.49 a.m. on Monday. In the midday hours, the operator finally reported that all consumers had electricity again.

The blackout is not directly related to the submarine cable between the island and Sweden, but is due to a local fault on Bornholm, Energinet explained. The utility company Trefor said in the afternoon that the power supply had been interrupted because the cable had gone out of service. “We now know that there is a technical error that has been fixed.” What exactly happened is what they want to find out together with Energinet.

Energinet is responsible for the overall operation of the electricity and gas system in Denmark and owns the submarine cable that supplies electricity to Bornholm. Although the island is part of Denmark, it is the closest to southern Sweden.

Cause of blackout on the Danish Baltic Sea island of Bornholm?

Update from October 10, 11:30 a.m .: There is now confusion about the cause of the power outage on the island of Bornholm. According to TV 2 Bornholm , the power outage is due to a break in the submarine cable between Bornholm and Sweden. The newspaper Ekstra Bladet , on the other hand, is now reporting that the energy supplier Energinet has informed it that the reason for the blackout is due to ‘a mistake’, although the precise background to this is still unclear at first.

Blackout on Bornholm: Parts of the electricity are back – those responsible with the first statement

Update from October 10, 10:20 a.m .: Anya Palm, press officer at the energy supplier Trefor, reported via Twitter that a third of the island was being supplied with electricity again. Employees are currently working at full speed to fully resolve the disruption. At 12 o’clock the whole of Bornholm should have electricity again.

With regard to the speculation about a possible act of sabotage, Palm Ekstra Bladet made it clear that there were no signs of anything other than an inherent system disruption.

Blackout on Danish Bornholm: Power is lost on the entire Baltic Sea island

First report from October 10, 9:51 a.m.: Rønne – The Danish island of Bornholm has been without electricity since 7:50 a.m. this morning (October 10). As the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet reports, the entire Baltic Sea island is affected by the blackout.

Energy supplier BEOF reported at 8:35 a.m. that the cause of the outage was a broken cable. A spokesman for the company told Danish television broadcaster DR that it was not known whether it was “on land or under water”. The line in question supplies Bornholm with electricity from mainland Sweden. Since the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines near the island’s coast were sabotaged just last week, it is unclear to what extent the blackout could be attributed to human intervention.

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