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Blaming Anne Will: The purpose-built coalition between SPD, Greens and FDP is reaching its limits

Created: 7/25/2022 8:43 am

Talkrunde am 24. Juli 2022 bei Anne Will
Talk round on July 24, 2022 at Anne Will © Screenshot ARD

Instead of finding an answer to “How does Germany manage the energy transition?”, the participants at Anne Will (ARD) blame each other.

Berlin – The hottest days of the year are behind the nation, but Anne Will asked the question: How cold will the winter be? There was a heated discussion on the subject of “Further dependent on Putin’s gas – how does Germany manage the energy transition?”, albeit not very substantive, but mainly as a mutual recrimination

“You’ll never walk alone,” said Chancellor Olaf Scholz a few days ago when he announced that the state would invest in the gas supplier Uniper. The company is obviously too big to fail, but that also means that gas prices could rise even further. That the state will be able to help everyone is doubted by Anne Will on ARD Petra Pinzler, a correspondent in the capital city office of Die Zeit , who believes that “the traffic light must act much faster and more comprehensively”.

Anne Will on ARD: Many political guests discuss the Ukraine war

But how is that supposed to work when there is less and less money, as Finance Minister Christian Lindner emphasizes more and more regularly. Coalition colleague Nina Scheer, climate policy spokeswoman for the SPD parliamentary group, wanted to support her party colleague and promised that there would be help. However, Scheer was not able to explain exactly what that would look like with Anne Will on ARD, nor was Bundestag Vice President Katrin Göring-Eckardt from the Greens. She used her speaking time primarily for party politics, trying to pass the buck on to previous governments that had failed to focus on renewable energies.

Anne Will (ARD) – broadcast on July 24, 2022 The guests of the show
Katrin Goering-Eckardt Alliance 90 / The Greens
Nina Scheer SPD
Alexander Graf Lambsdorff FDP
Norbert Rottgen CDU
Petra Pinzler journalist

Of course, Norbert Röttgen, former CDU environment minister and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, did not want to let that sit and played the old talk show game and, as a current opposition politician, accused the current government of omissions that he once could have tackled himself. The dependency on Russian gas was discussed with Anne Will on ARD, potential savings in gas and electricity consumption, the cross-party decision to use Russian gas as a bridge to the energy transition, which is now falling on the country’s feet.

Ukraine war: discussion at Anne Will (ARD) went wrong

Compared to the previous year, the German population is currently consuming just 5 percent less, Petra Pinzler interjected, pointing the finger at each other, which is why there is very little fruit. The deputy parliamentary group leader of the FDP, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, tried to blur the picture that the three coalition parties are anything but pulling together. He didn’t really want to succeed, it became all too clear not only in this Anne Will program that the coalition of purpose between SPD, Greens and FDP is clearly reaching its limits. Horse-trading is now being intensively discussed, saying that the Greens would agree to an extension of the lifetime of the nuclear power plants if the FDP for their part gave the green light to a speed limit on the motorways. Such a haggling would be far from principles, but the current emergency is apparently forcing each party to bite into their respective sour apples. In view of this emergency situation, Anne Will’s talk round on ARD degenerated into a confrontational discussion in which none of the participants spoke to each other, only against each other.

Anne Will in the first

The broadcast from July 24th, 2022 in the ARD media library.

Two weeks ago (July 3rd), all participants at Anne Will (ARD) discussed corona policy, with nurse Ricardo Lange bursting his collar.

Representatives of the governing parties tried to claim this or that discount, such as the 9-euro ticket or the fuel discount, but the others made mistakes. It then got funny with the eternal topic of speed limits: Graf Lambsdorff lost himself again in the well-known (FDP) logic that there was no reason not to race through the country at 200 if the autobahn was empty on Sunday morning, while Norbert Röttgen surprisingly emphasized that he had always been in favor of a speed limit. It was also Röttgen who, as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, repeatedly tried to bring the “discussion” – if one wanted to call the collective muddled talk – to the subject of Russia.

Topic of the week at Anne Will: No solution found due to an energy turnaround in the Ukraine war

According to this logic, Vladimir Putin is to blame for everything that is currently burdening the Federal Republic, which presumably also means that it was due to the cheap gas prices that more wind turbines were not built. The others are always to blame, a logic that Katrin Göring-Eckardt had deeply internalized with Anne Will on ARD. The Greens were particularly taken with Bavaria, in contrast to their party leader and economics minister, extending the lifetime of nuclear power plants does not seem to be an issue for them – at least not yet. In the next talk show round, the positions could look completely different again, the situation in the country and the political attitudes are currently changing almost daily. (Michael Meyns)

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