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Bobby cars and Musk rockets

While Paris is dreaming of London, after the mashed potatoes battle in the women’s prison, the scores are settled

It is no longer common to threaten children with sanctions for picking at or throwing their mashed potatoes. In the penal system, on the other hand, it gets expensive when the pounding is thrown around – as happened in July last year in the women’s prison in Aichach, Swabia. There, two cellmates had gotten into such a fight during the meal that one pushed her plate of mashed potatoes in the other’s face, whereupon the other threw her plate.

“Then the dispute escalated violently,” says the police report, which has now been published on the occasion of the verdict. The 31 and 35-year-old women were fined lavishly for intentional bodily harm: one had to pay 2,700 euros, the other 1,800 euros. tasty! For the money you can buy two tons of fine tubers or one ton of frozen puree. But maybe the two have lost their appetite anyway.

A 64-year-old in Ahaus, Münsterland, also experienced annoying children’s stuff: she was hit by a little boy in a red bobby car, after which she fell and was slightly injured. The mother of the person who caused the accident gave her telephone number to the lady who had fallen – in case there was anything to discuss. When the 64-year-old later wanted to contact her mother, no one could be reached on the number.

Elon Musk , the man whose almost unchecked galactic play instinct will probably lead to a rocket crashing on the dark side of the moon for the first time at the beginning of March, was also not available on Friday. As the US space agency Nasa reported on Friday night, part of a SpaceX rocket that launched a satellite in 2015 is on a crash course with truly cosmic dimensions: the rocket stage will be on its current trajectory on April 4th. March on the back of the moon, it said at Nasa. Now, there are some who hailed Musk as a visionary and the most influential man of the century, while others think the mega-billionaire and self-confessed terraformer would have benefited if someone had made sure he was eating his mashed potatoes as a kid instead of messing around with them throw. At first, NASA only said: “This unique event represents an exciting research opportunity.” If the remains of the rocket hit the moon, it could take weeks or even months before the crater is found. But Space-Elon can certainly conjure up something out of his visionary trouser pocket.

A woman who was previously celebrated as an It girl is also trying to be a visionary. After Paris Hilton recently declared that family planning has been one of her “top priorities” since her marriage to Carter Reum , the world has been wondering if the offspring will be named after a city. “Yes,” the 40-year-old told E! News,” “but I won’t reveal it yet.” It’s a name that doesn’t exist yet, and she doesn’t want anyone to steal it.

Now she apparently couldn’t take it anymore and announced that if she ever had a girl, she would christen this London “because it’s my favorite city”. And if Mama Paris thinks it’s stupid that both the mayor of San Francisco and a US porn actress have the same first name, she can always name her little daughter differently. There are many beautiful cities in the world. Boris Halva

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