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Bolivia-Spain incident: Bolivia declares persona non grata to Spanish diplomats after the hooded scandal

Bolivian President Jeanine Áñez has declared various members of the Spanish Embassy in La Paz (Bolivia) persona non grata after the scandal of the hooded men who tried to access the Mexican Embassy last Friday. In addition, Bolivia gives these people a 72-hour ultimatum to leave the country; specifically, Áñez has declared the person in charge of Business of Spain, Cristina Borreguero, the Spanish consul, Álvaro Fernández and the group of armed hooded men persona non grata who tried to enter the residence of the Mexican Embassy. The ambassador of Mexico, María Teresa Mercado, was also declared persona non grata. As of today, this embassy remains in the hands of Ana Luisa Vallejo. Áñez has accused the governments of Mexico and Spain of "covering up and protecting criminals who have committed crimes of terrorism and sedition," in reference to the 10 leaders of the Al Movement. Socialism (MAS) who are refugees in the residence of the Mexican ambassador. «No country in the world could tolerate what happened» hooded », added the chancellor, Karen Longaric. Four Spanish agents of the Special Operations Group (GEO) staged a confusing incident when they went on Friday to pick up two Spanish diplomats who had come to make a "courtesy visit" to the Mexican ambassador, according to the official Foreign Ministry statement. The foreign minister has accused Spain of ignoring the events that occurred and discrediting local officials. In this sense, the Bolivian president has assured that "the hostile conduct attempting to enter the residence of Mexico in Bolivia surreptitiously and clandestinely, defying the Bolivian police officers and the citizens themselves are facts that we cannot pass up ”.

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