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Boos at Ballermann: Oliver Pocher breaks off performance in Megapark prematurely

Created: 08/23/2022, 09:38 am

Pocher will seinen neuen WM-Song vorstellen. Doch der Auftritt im Megapark am Ballermann geht in die Hose. Der Influencer wird ausgepfiffen.
Pocher wants to present his new World Cup song. But the appearance in the Megapark am Ballermann goes haywire. The influencer is booed. © YouTube Ingo Wohlfeil

Influencer Oliver Pocher wanted to have his new World Cup song celebrated in the Megapark on Mallorca, but was whistled and booed at Ballermann. The embarrassing appearance of the 44-year-old ended after 15 instead of 30 minutes.

Mallorca – Oliver Pocher likes to hurt. During his “screen control”, Amira Pocher’s husband repeatedly exposes defenseless influencers, humiliates mothers like Anne Wunsch with cheap gags. But now the former Viva moderator feels how it feels to be pilloried. His performance at Ballermann went haywire.

Oliver Pocher is whistled at when performing in the Megapark on Malle

On Saturday evening, Oliver Pocher should appear in the Megapark for 30 minutes and sing his new World Cup song. But instead of partying, palm trees and good humor, there was only booing and rejection in Mallorca for the former sidekick of entertainer Harald Schmidt.

Am Samstagabend stand er im berüchtigten Megapark auf der Bühne, um seinen neuen WM-Song „Hurra, Hurra … wir Katar“ zu performen.
On Saturday evening he was on stage in the notorious Megapark to perform his new World Cup song “Hurrah, hurrah… we Qatar”. But he was booed. © YouTube

A video by Mallorca reporter Ingo Wohlfeil shows how embarrassing the influencer’s appearance is. Despite the microphone, Pocher can hardly be heard on the stage in the Megapark. The audience whistles and boos the father of five. Good mood is different.

Oliver Pocher wrote World Cup hit “Black and White”

Can Oliver Pocher’s new World Cup song build on the huge success of his song “Schwarz und Weiß”? Should be difficult. For the home World Cup in 2006, the influencer wrote the catchy tune, which achieved gold status in Germany and was in the charts for 32 weeks. Top ranking: 3rd place. To date, the football song is Pocher’s most successful single.

Video shows how embarrassing Oliver Pocher’s appearance in the Megapark was

The news agency “ddp” also reports on the booing. Actually, Oliver Pocher should have performed on stage for 30 minutes, but gave up after a good 15 minutes, as reported by Mallorca reporter Ingo Wohlfeil.

“Pocher often has to read the text, the jubilation is limited. The mood in the megapark is usually boisterous,” reports Wohlfeil. “Oli Pocher’s performance will be a failure. Instead of the planned 30 minutes, Pocher leaves the stage after just over a quarter of an hour. After the maximum penalty from the audience, who mercilessly booed him off the stage.”

Angry speech from VIPs at the Helene Fischer concert: Oliver Pocher etches against Schlagerqueen

And how did Pocher himself react to your Peino appearance? Sovereign! “What a performance in the Megapark. Always funny. Sure, there’s one or the other who boos from time to time. Happened. Then you have to go through it, ”says the influencer on Instagram. But the bottom line is that I enjoyed the performance and thought it was good: “It was nice”.

Despite the failure, Oliver Pocher is already in a bad mood again. His latest victim: pop singer Helene Fischer, who just played her record concert in Munich in front of 130,000 fans. VIP tickets could also be purchased in advance. Oliver Pocher makes fun of some VIP grantlers on Instagram. Sources used : YouTube,, Instagram account Oliver Pocher

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