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"Break it up": Vanessa Mai reveals why she no longer goes to Florian Silbereisen

Created: 10/24/2022, 10:50 p.m

Vanessa Mai has had enough: In her new documentary, the singer reveals why she is no longer seen in Florian Silbereisen’s hit shows. There are also clearly critical words.

Backnang – Things could hardly be better for Vanessa Mai (30) at the moment: the singer has recently established herself in the world of hits and has also asserted herself far away from the industry. With this, the 30-year-old seems to have lived a little apart for a while anyway. In her “Mai Time Is Now” documentary series, she now speaks openly about her discomfort with Florian Silbereisen’s (41) big Saturday evening shows.

Vanessa Mai criticizes Silbereisen’s hit shows – “I’m breaking it”

Vanessa Mai is a friend of clear words and only recently settled with the hit world. In her ARD documentary, the “Wolke 7” interpreter is now even more clearly on the offensive – and also criticizes the hit shows that Florian Silbereisen has been entertaining his audience with for over a decade.

Schlagerstar Vanessa Mai, daneben der Showmaster Florian Silbereisen (Fotomontage)
Vanessa Mai speaks plainly: “Even if everything goes down the drain, but I can’t go in there anymore,” said the 30-year-old about Florian Silbereisen’s hit shows (photomontage) © Kirchner-Media / Future Image / Imago

“Even if everything goes down the drain, but I can’t go in there anymore. I don’t want it anymore,” Vanessa Mai reveals in the report and then adds: “I’m going to break it.” Show producer Michael Jürgens (55) is said to have played a part in the rift. The 55-year-old is considered to pull the strings behind the Silbereisen broadcasts and therefore has a lot to do with decisions. Mai’s husband and manager Andreas Ferber (39) also confirms this: “I noticed that the ideas of Vanessa and Florian Silbereisen’s team around producer Michael Jürgens diverged more and more from show to show.”

Vanessa Mai and the rapper – singer also successful far away from the hit:

Vanessa Mai will no longer be seen alongside Florian Silbereisen in the future, but the 30-year-old has recently developed her very own formula for success: As one of the few pop stars, the singer also records songs with (German) rappers here and there . She has already worked with Sido (41; “Happy End”), Civo (24; “Black Hearts”), ART (26; “Melatonin”) and Fourty (27; “Midnight”).

Vanessa Mai didn’t feel like hit shows based on the script – “Tears don’t hurt either”

Where else the biggest German hit stars of all time are on stage, Vanessa Mai felt increasingly uncomfortable: the 30-year-old is said to have been given outfits, and there was also a kind of script for the programs that the singer should follow . “Tears like that don’t hurt either,” she was advised, for example, when her father Marino Mandekic appeared on a show in 2015, which was allegedly not agreed.

The former singer of the Wolkenfrei describes the situation as a “corset” that was gradually “laced tighter and tighter”. Her clear conclusion: “Jürgens is through for me.” But the 30-year-old didn’t feel at all comfortable in another program either: Because of Dieter Bohlen (68), Vanessa Mai wanted to stop DSDS, the singer recently revealed. Sources used: “Mai Time Is Now” (ARD)

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