FunBumper cars, bumper cars, or crazy cars? so it...

Bumper cars, bumper cars, or crazy cars? so it is said in every community in Spain

Bumper cars, bumper cars, or crazy cars? What do you call the popular amusement park and fairground attraction? You may have thought that everyone says it in the same way but the truth is that it is not like that and in fact, the way to name cars that operate electrically and whose fun is crashing may vary depending on the community where you are.

Bumper cars, bumper cars, or crazy cars? so it is said in every community in Spain

All at some point in our childhood , and also during adolescence and even as adults, we have gone to the fair in our neighborhood or town or to the amusement park and we have come across that attraction in which some cars connected to an electric cable are They move down the track and collide with each other.

They are the so-called “bumper cars” or also “bumper cars” or even “crazy cars” and that is where the doubt arises as to how it is really said since it seems that in the same way as other words or expressions (we For example, the dichotomy between «sneakers» «sports» «tennis» or «sneakers» to define sports shoes occurs) depending on the community in which you live, you are going to say it one way or another.

Cars and bumper cars take over

Among the aforementioned ways, it seems that the one most used in our country is “Bumper cars” or at least that is how we usually find the poster for this attraction in much of Northern Spain, as well as in the Community of Madrid, Community Valencian, Aragon or Catalonia.

However, “Bumper cars” are also widely used throughout the country and in communities such as those mentioned as well as Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha or more specifically in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, as well as Valencia, Zaragoza or Bilbao.

We can say then that both bumper cars and bumper cars are used almost equally, although if we go to the south of the country and specifically to cities like Seville or Jaén we realize that the expression « crazy cars “Which curiously in the Canary Islands is also used but in diminutive form, that is,” crazy cochitos “(as well as the term” cochitos de esmoche “).

Also used is “Bumper Cars”

And to the aforementioned, we must also add the expression “Chocon Cars” which is apparently what they call this attraction in Salamanca and we also imagine that in Medina del Campo, province of Valladolid , the musical group Desgraciaus is from which they launched a few years ago. precisely a song called “Bumpy Cars” that ended up going viral in many videos that are shared on social networks.

And you? What do you usually call “bumper cars”?