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"Bumsbirne": Viewers demand the ejection of "Bullying King" Oliver Pocher on RTL

Created: 09/17/2022, 6:56 p.m

Warum darf Oliver Pocher immer wieder Primetimeshows bei RTL mit Günther Jauch moderieren?  Viele Fans in den Sozialen Netzwerken forden ein Ende für den „Mobber“, wie er dort genannt wird.
Why is Oliver Pocher always allowed to moderate primetime shows on RTL with Günther Jauch? Many fans on social networks are calling for an end to the “bully”, as he is called there. © Imago Images / Fabian Strauch dpa

At RTL, “Who wants to be a millionaire” star Günther Jauch (55) continues to rely on the skills of Oliver Pocher (44). In “Jauch gegen…”, the successor to “5 gegen Hauch”, Pocher is allowed to moderate – despite daily bullying, humiliation and boasting on Instagram. How does that fit with Günther Jauch’s clean image?

Cologne – Oliver Pocher moderated some of the RTL shows with the highest ratings at prime time. Example: “5 against Jauch”. On the show with Günther Jauch, five people who have something in common competed together in a duel against the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” creator. Günther Jauch and the team of 5 answered the same questions one after the other.

“Two Face” Oliver Pocher: At RTL he is the perfect son-in-law, at Instagram he becomes a “bully”

Oliver Pocher is also allowed to moderate the official successor “Jauch gegen…” again. At RTL, Jauch and Pocher seem to complement each other well. While Jauch plays the well-mannered and level-headed TV dad, Pocher makes the audience laugh with his fresh and witty manner and leads through the show professionally.

Bei Facebook häufen sich die Forderungen der RTL-Zuschauer nach dem Rauswurf von Oliver Pocher. Häufiger Vorwurf: Mobbing.
On Facebook, the demands of RTL viewers for Oliver Pocher to be thrown out are increasing. Common accusation: bullying. ©Facebook

But away from the big RTL stage, Pocher shows another, ugly face: bullying, humiliation and boasting are part of the daily business of the father of five. By insulting, criticizing and publicly pillorying other people, Oliver Pocher also earns money with it, in addition to other sources of income.

“Of course it’s bullying”: How long can Pocher moderate RTL?

His “screen control” has long been part of the regular comedy program of the native Hanoverian, who was first allowed to tell his jokes on TV at Bärbel Schäfer in 1998, but failed miserably. After five minutes, Pocher was whistled at by the audience. With the tickets for his shows, which are very successful today, coal flows into Pocher’s account. On Instagram, the constant bullying attacks ensure reach and attract followers to his shows.

Whether rejections like the appearance at Bärbel Schäfer have had a lasting impact on Amira Pocher’s husband? Many users on Facebook have long been demanding an end to the “king of bullying” on RTL. “It’s just sad that there are stations that access such people,” comments Ralf Kirsch on “Extratipp” on Facebook under a post.

Online users are asking RTL to part with Oliver Pocher

The fact that Pocher keeps pouncing on certain people, some of them defenseless influencers, and exposes them on Instagram, where 1.8 million people follow him (Anne Wunsch or the new girlfriend of YouTuber Julienco), makes some users angry on Facebook. Anita Albrecht says: “Of course it’s bullying, which he’s been doing to different people for years. Gossip once, twice might be comedy. But insulting and showing off the same person over and over again with the same topic in public, I see that as bullying.”

Bullying on the Internet is increasing rapidly: adults and young people are affected

According to a November 2011 study, the extent and scope of bullying, and especially bullying on the Internet, among adults is increasing rapidly. 25% of adults have already been victims of cyberbullying.

Discrimination on the Internet is also widespread among young people, according to a survey by Barmer Krankenkasse. According to this, one in seven (14 percent of those surveyed) stated that they were directly affected by so-called cyberbullying, as a study commissioned by Barmer Krankenkasse shows.

Thousands of comments also include critical voices regarding Günther Jauch. “Why is he doing something like that,” asks a user, referring to the fact that Günther Jauch repeatedly uses Oliver Pocher’s moderation in his shows. The fact that RTL employs a “bully” during prime time does not fit the broadcaster’s image, which it would like to have.

RTL boasts about diversity, but closes its eyes to Pocher’s activities on Instagram

“It is our aim to convey diversity of opinion and to offer people content that is free of prejudice,” writes RTL in a press release. The content that Pocher publishes online does not match RTL’s diversity requirements. Here some examples:

  • Oliver Pocher humiliates Julienco’s new girlfriend: “Kneel in front of her financier”
  • Oliver Pocher scoffs at Boris Becker’s lawsuit: “Frying pan lawyer”
  • Oliver Pocher blasphemes about BVB star Mats Hummels: “Another Instagram old woman”
  • Oliver Pocher laughs about separation at BibisBeautyPalace: “Shit on the steam”
  • Oliver Pocher pulls pregnant BTN star Anne Wunsch through the dirt

“It’s just a certain form of control that I exercise there,” said Oliver Pocher once in a video about his “screen control. already criticized the attacks on partially defenseless victims in 2020. Literally: “He unwittingly sums up what almost all women on the internet suffer from: men wanting to control what women say, their presence, their very existence in this space.”

“Bumsbirnen”: Pocher’s words sound like threats, writes

Some of Pocher’s words sound like threats, writes “After that you will wish that this video never existed” or wild insults “these influencer full fuck shit idiots”. He calls the women “bums” and insults them about their looks.”

It is clear that Oliver Pocher does not give his verbal low blows like these at prime time alongside Günther Jauch, but the Cologne-based private broadcaster could set an example and simply separate from bullies like Oliver Pocher. So far, however, there are no signs of this. An inquiry from as to whether RTL also wants to work with Pocher in the future initially went unanswered on Thursday morning. Sources used : Instagram Oliver Pocher, archive IPPEN MEDIA,,

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