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“Bundeskarnevalster” or “Dancing Queen of the CDU”? Armin Laschet provides amusement on the net

Armin Laschet dances with students in a Sat.1 program. The “Bundeskarnevalster” amused the network with this appearance.

Berlin – The federal election in 2021 is imminent, the tension is mounting: Which parties have a majority in the new Bundestag? Who will be the Federal Chancellor? The closer the election comes, the greater the pressure on the three candidates for chancellor: inside. It is not easy for Armin Laschet from the CDU in particular. Because of the historically low poll numbers, he also has to put up with criticism from within his own ranks. In an interview last week, CSU General Secretary Markus Blume blamed Laschet for this.

In the TV triumph, however, Armin Laschet tried to attack and attacked Olaf Scholz. That was not successful: According to lightning polls, the SPD candidate for chancellor was ahead of the game. Another TV appearance that Laschet wanted to convince was on the Sat.1 program “Kannste Kanzleramt?”. The CDU candidate had to answer questions from 17 students. However, there were also small games to loosen up.

Armin Laschet answers questions and plays from schoolchildren

Armin Laschet had to guess several carnival songs. For a Rhinelander – the CDU politician comes from Aachen – and declared carnivalists that shouldn’t be a major problem – or should it? Laschet did not recognize “Viva Colonia” and reproached the students: “Maybe you can’t sing so well if I don’t recognize it?”

Armin Laschet dances with students during a TV appearance

Armin Laschet knew the second song, but the name never occurred to him. It was the aviator song. Experienced Carnival and Mardi Gras visitors know that every line has the right movements. However, Laschet missed the mission and had difficulty following the students. At least he tries, rocks his foot and at the end sings “such a beautiful day”. Overall, the CDU candidate for chancellor seems rather shy.

A video of Armin Laschet’s cautious dance performance caused amusement and criticism on Twitter, but there was also recognition. Some users speak of a “nice personal moment”. Laschet shows himself approachable and his human side. Confessing critics of the CDU politician also find the appearance sympathetic. Lars Weisbrod, at least a journalist for the features section of the weekly newspaper Zeit, explains in a tweet that he thinks the performance is cute and doesn’t want Armin Laschet to be sad if he loses any election.

Armin Laschet: Will the CDU candidate for Chancellor be the new “Federal Carnival Star”?

A user asks the question whether Armin Laschet will be the future “National Carnival Star”. In addition, the appearance for another user is not enough: “As a self-proclaimed carnivalist, pretty weak.” In the opinion of another person, Laschet did not honor his Rhineland origins either: “Which Rhineland should this man depict?”

Can Armin Laschet deal with children well enough to become a teacher? One user thinks this is the right job for him. One user ponders what kind of teacher the CDU politician would be: “Armin Laschet is this one teacher who everyone makes fun of, but who thinks that the children like him because ‘they always laugh with me’.” Perhaps Laschet will also be the CDU’s “Dancing Queen”? This is also a comment on the dance of the chancellor candidate. Spiegel editor Florian Gathmann thinks: “He will not be the national dance master in any case.” The dance show “Let’s Dance” will presumably not appear in the CDU chancellor candidate’s calendar. (Max Schäfer)

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