News“But he had to”: Pietro Lombardi compares girlfriend Laura...

“But he had to”: Pietro Lombardi compares girlfriend Laura with the killer doll Chucky

Created: 07/23/2022 Updated: 07/23/2022, 11:38 am

Pietro Lombardi zeigte in seiner Instagram-Story ein Video von seiner Freundin Laura - und verglich sie mit der Mörderpuppe
Pietro Lombardi showed a video of his girlfriend Laura in his Instagram story – and compared her to the killer doll © Screenshot/

Pietro Lombardi and his Laura are again a well-established team. So the singer shows his girlfriend again and again in his Instagram stories. Now he joked about the 26-year-old influencer and compared her to the classic film from the 80s: Chucky.

Cologne – Pietro Lombardi has been back with his ex-girlfriend Laura for several weeks. The couple is also public, they no longer make a secret of their love. But now the musician allowed himself a joke and compared the 26-year-old in a video with the killer doll Chucky.

“But he had to”: Pietro Lombardi compares girlfriend Laura with the killer doll Chucky

The 29-year-old sits with his girlfriend at the dining table – Laura showed herself without make-up and was happy. Meanwhile he was filming her and couldn’t resist comparing his girlfriend to the most famous voodoo doll.

Pietro Lombardi vergleich seine Freundin mit der Mörderpuppe Chucky
Pietro Lombardi compares his girlfriend to the killer doll Chucky © Screenshot/

“Look a little angry,” said the “Ciao Bella” interpreter to Laura. Pietro added another picture to the Instagram story – it’s the killer doll Chucky. “Love you Laura. But he had to,” laughed the singer, comparing it to the classic film from the 80s.

“Today the woman is not doing so well”: Pietro Lombardi takes care of his Laura

In the Instagram story, the ex-DSDS winner also mentioned that his girlfriend Laura is not doing so well at the moment and that he now has to take care of her. But Laura also takes the Chucky comparison with humor.

A few weeks ago, Pietro Lombardi and his Laura made their relationship public. From today on, we won’t make any secret of the fact that we are a couple,” he commented on the couple’s picture together. Sources used:

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