NewsBye, bye, Berlin: This is the new kebab capital...

Bye, bye, Berlin: This is the new kebab capital of Germany

Created: 08/16/2022, 9:50 p.m

Bye, bye, Berlin: Das ist die neue Döner-Hauptstadt Deutschlands
It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot or not: Germans love their doner kebab. © Daniel Karmann/dpa

Even though the doner kebab was invented in Berlin 50 years ago, the capital is no longer the doner kebab capital. But the kebab crown remains in the East.

Berlin – Fast, cheap and delicious: The doner kebab has long since become the Germans’ favorite snack bar. It began its success story around 50 years ago in Berlin, where Turkish-born Kadir Nurman allegedly invented it. In 1972 he sold flatbread with spit-roasted veal for the first time in his Berlin snack bar across from the Bahnhof Zoo.

For a long time, Berlin was considered THE kebab capital of Germany (up to 1600 kebab shops). Until now: Because according to an evaluation by the delivery service “lieferando”, the kebab crown is now going to another city: Dresden. Here the doner kebab should not only be cheaper, it should also taste better.

Dresden is the new kebab capital of Germany: Berlin is only third

The 30 largest cities in Germany were analysed, from which “lieferando” chose the top ten with the highest density of doner kebabs. The creators then looked at the Google rating of the stores and determined an average price. The result: Dresden is the best kebab place: Here, people gave their kebab an average of 4.31 out of 5 stars at a price of 4.96 euros.

And Berlin? Slipped into third place, with an average kebab price of 5.41 euros and a rating average of 4.13. Still behind Nuremberg, but ahead of Bremen (4th place) and Frankfurt am Main (5th place). Far behind in the top ten ranking is Hamburg. In the Hanseatic city, residents gave an average rating of 4.07. On average, the kebab bag here costs expensive 6.03 euros.

Germany loves the doner kebab

By the way: In Germany, 550 tons of doner kebabs are eaten every day, according to calculations by the Association of Turkish Doner Kebab Manufacturers in Europe. One of the most famous kebab fans is Angela Merkel (68, CDU). According to the Bild newspaper, the former chancellor always got her kebabs (with herb sauce, no onions) from Teras Döner on Wilhelmstrasse, often in person.

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