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Campers take the coast: But mobile homes are not allowed everywhere

The mobile home business is booming. The Costa Cálida feels this. But camping on the popular natural beaches is prohibited.

Murcia – Traveling with mobile homes is booming, and the weather on the coast of Spain* is playing along. This brings good business to the campsites in the Murcia region. The facilities near the beach on the Costa Cálida * are up to 100 percent occupied, said the President of the Association Campings de la Región, Alfonso Morenilla. Above all Dutch, German and French occupied the pitches. The campsites registered far more guests than last year, when there was no vaccine against the corona virus*.

But not all campers set up camp on a campsite*. Many are drawn to nature, to the beaches, where camping is usually prohibited, as reported by *. For example, the municipal ordinances of Mazarrón and Águilas do not allow the awnings to be extended or tables and chairs to be placed in front of the mobile homes. Nevertheless, exactly this picture shows up in heaps on the coast.

Campers are taking Spain’s coast: Mazarrón has no public place to stay overnight

In Mazarrón on the Costa Cálida, the beaches of El Mojón and El Alamilla are very popular with campers. The problem: The motorhomes are only about 50 meters from the Los Delfines campsite. However, the Mazarrón* ordinance prohibits camping within a five-kilometer radius of an official facility. Currently there is no public place to stay in Mazarrón, only private campsites, councilor Raquel Raja (PSOE) told the newspaper “La Verdad”. City Hall is working on projects for two public parking lots for RVs.

In Mazarrón, El Alamillo and Percheles are considered problematic, in Cartagena, dozens of campers are gathering in La Azohía and occupying two seafront properties next to the Leon and Spar supermarkets. The only areas where camping is allowed on Cartagena’s coast are the Los Madriles campground and a two-kilometer-long property at Las Cuevas in Isla Plana, according to the city hall. Projects to build new sites have so far been rejected because they are too close to where the dry river flows into the sea or because the terrain is too uneven.

Campers are taking Spain’s coast: No turning a blind eye to motorhomes parked in protected areas

Águilas’ camper hotspots include Playa Arroz on the Calabardina coast and the Cuatro Calas sanctuary, which is bustling with vehicles these days. The opposition spokeswoman, Eva Reverte (PP), called on the town hall to implement the regulations, pointing out that camping and staying overnight is prohibited on all beaches in the municipality, as well as cooking outdoors over fires or directly on the coast drive around and park. Reverte spoke of an attack by hundreds of campers. The besieged beaches would not paint a good picture of Águilas.

City councilor Ginés Desiderio Navarro (PSOE), on the other hand, is taking a more relaxed approach to the problem. If a camper van is parked in the same spot for several days, campers will be warned and asked to drive away before penalties are imposed, he said. However, the situation is different when the mobile homes are in protected areas. Then the environmental agents would crack down, it said. Here you will find more tips for camping holidays in Spain*. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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