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Can't find a job? Maybe you should create your Twitter account

There are three trends dominating the Twitter conversation: social entrepreneurs, voices driving change, and sustainability, according to their report The Conversation: Twitter Trends 2022.

Within the first trend identified by the social network is the search for employment with an increase of 157%, from July 1, 2020 to July of this year.

“The conversation we analyzed for this study is relevant to younger audiences. We know that there is a wave of future influencers, we have identified a growth of 115% of creators who monetize their content and are now CEOs of companies”, said Almudena Blanco, head of agencies at Twitter Mexico, in the presentation of the study.

Among the main findings found by the platform were:

● New companies/new entrepreneurs show growth of more than 14% year-on-year.

● The salary conversation has grown more than 13% year over year.

● The phrase “creators becoming founders” has grown by more than 115% year over year.

● The culture of starting and owning your own business continues to be a goal to which many Mexicans aspire; there is a 148% growth in monetizable content topics on Twitter.

Another of the findings of the study of the social network, which was commissioned to the firm Pulsar & Canvas, is that the labor issue has also become a conversation about the salary gap and poor labor practices.

“There is 17% of tweets with the theme of labor exploitation, while there are 34% of tweets talking about complementary jobs,” Blanco specified.

Movements such as #TerrorRestaurantesMx is one of the local issues that has attracted the most attention to users in recent years.

Another trend in Mexico is the search for inclusion, racial diversity and empowerment of minorities. The report found that people in Mexico discussed inclusion 26% more and #TransVisibility has increased by 29%.

In addition to this, the mobilization around key events such as #InfanciasTrans, a trans rights law that was passed and allowed legal name changes for adolescents, promoted the possibilities of identity through gender fluidity, where mentions of the term increased by 65%.

On the other hand, Twitter-generated movements like #PoderPrieto and #DondeHayPrieturaHaySabrosura empowered people to assert their identity, driving an important conversation about stratification by skin tone and media representation.

Other topics, more focused on mental health, have also been relevant. There were 43% more tweets focused on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, while 49% of tweets that have the word neurotypical have grown in the last two years.

The third trend identified by the social network is sustainability. Ecological anxiety plays an important role in the consciousness of Mexicans, leading to conversations about the environment (plants, forests and forest fires) generating uncertainty and concern for present and future generations in the country.

In this sense, mentions of “climate emergency” increased by more than 30% and mentions about the use and installation of solar energy increased by 53%. This has also generated more aware consumers.

“You have to listen and provide platforms of support, not just enter the conversation,” Blanco said.

Today, Mexican consumers are more critical than ever in their purchases, and with mentions of “Greenwashing” (a term used for companies that deceive regarding the environmental damage they cause) that reached 72%, people learn and They teach about how to buy sustainably and what the warning signs are when a brand has done so.

While the conversation about environmentalism grew by 138%.

“Among the opportunities that exist is to seek to take care of our supply chain, operation and how the talent that works in my company works with environmental issues, because users no longer want to be told what to do, first you have to listen and act”, White points out.

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