NewsCar accident at Pietro Lombardi after "just one kilometer"...

Car accident at Pietro Lombardi after "just one kilometer" on the road

Created: 8/10/2022, 6:49 p.m

Pietro Lombardi schaut erschrocken und Leute stehen um blauen Transporter herum
Pietro Lombardi has had to give up his driver’s license – now he has an accident with a borrowed van © Instagram/pietrolombardi & IMAGO / Panama Pictures

Pietro Lombardi borrows a city car for transport. Just a kilometer later, the accident occurs. However, Pietro can only laugh about the breakdown.

Cologne – For Pietro Lombardi, the day starts with a breakdown. Together with his friends, the former DSDS winner borrows a van. But after a short time, an accident occurs. On Instagram he shows his fans the damage.

Car accident at Pietro Lombardi after “just one kilometer” on the road

The singer does not reveal why he borrowed a van. A few weeks ago he told his fans that he had to move out of his current luxury villa because the area was just too dangerous for Pietro Lombardi’s girlfriend Laura Maria’s dogs. So the four-legged friends could just walk across the street and be hit by a car. However, it remains unclear whether he is already packing the first boxes.

Moving or not: Pietro Lombardi deals with a completely different problem. Because after just a few minutes in the hired van, the breakdown occurs: “First damage to the car. After a kilometer. I don’t know what we were thinking,” laughs Pietro Lombardi in his Instagram story. The DSDS star and his buddies inspect the damage at a gas station.

Pietro Lombardi almost caused an accident with public e-scooters

Luckily there isn’t much to see. The group can hardly have caused a total loss. However, what exactly happened, Pietro does not explain to his Instagram followers. One can only hope that the bill will not break the bank later. However, the singer remains confident: “Will be back,” he laughs.

The singer doesn’t seem to have a thing for transport. Pietro Lombardi recently raced through his luxury villa on public e-scooters and almost caused an accident. The fact that he is not allowed to ride the scooters in his own four walls doesn’t seem to matter to him at all. Sources used: Instagram/pietrolombardi

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