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Carlos Slim's company wins tender to offer internet at AIFA

Telmex , a subsidiary company of América Móvil, will be the telecommunications operator that offers telephone and internet services at the Felipe Ángeles International Airport ( AIFA ).

According to the ruling, Carlos Slim ‘s company submitted the offer with the lowest amount, in addition to meeting the required technical specifications.

Telmex will supply its telephone and internet service for nine months at a monthly cost of 92,800 pesos, the amount of which includes VAT.

América Móvil’s subsidiary company won the internet and telephony contract from Totalplay, since it did not meet the requirements set by the air port, and from Operbes, who offered a higher price.

Totalplay requested a monthly payment for its connectivity services of 201,071 million pesos, while Operbes requested 133,200 million pesos. AIFA had a maximum budget of 151.899 million pesos.

On April 6, the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) launched a tender to hire services from at least three telephone and internet companies, as well as to lease computer equipment from April 22 to December 31, 2022. , services for which you will pay up to 2,963,256 pesos.

The AIFA specified in the call that the company that was awarded must keep “absolute confidentiality” during the term of the contract, and after its termination, with respect to all the documentation and information inherent to the object of the invitation.

At the time, it also asked the companies interested in participating in the tender to consider the expenses they would have to incur, in the event of being selected, in transfers, supplies, taxes, rights, insurance, bond, licenses, personnel and/or any other Concept that was necessary to comply with the provision of the service, in the place and under the indicated conditions.

After winning the tender, Telmex must comply with all these requirements. It must also operate the services within 10 days after the bidding fails.

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