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Huawei wants the band for WiFi 6 to be tendered

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.- The development of 5G opens the possibility of increasing digital services not only for industries but also for users, such as the development of smart or connected houses. But to reach this scenario, the use of the 6 GHz band is necessary, which is ideal for services with fifth generation technology and for the deployment of WiFi 6.

Companies dedicated to manufacturing processors, routers or devices, such as Huawei, are looking for the upper part of the 6 GHz band to be licensed, because this type of spectrum can cover hundreds of square miles and offer lower data speeds. between 30 and 75 Mbps, ideal for uses such as HD video streaming. While the lower part, according to the company of Chinese origin, should be used freely for Wi-Fi services.

What does the IFT say?

Javier Juárez Mojica, interim president of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) explained a week ago that the regulatory body submitted for consultation the technical conditions to implement the 6 GHz standard and later a project was carried out that proposed that the 1,200 megahertz of the band of 6GHz are intended for free use with certain restrictions.

Even on August 25 of this year, representatives of companies such as Televisa, Megacable, Total Play, among others, met with the IFT to talk about the importance of the 6 GHz band in the business model of telecommunications operators by cable, since this sector requires higher speeds for broadband for video consumption, which is currently highly demanded by users, and for which they agree that this spectrum should be freely assigned.

The 6 GHz band will be key for 5G

Joaquín Saldaña, director of strategy and marketing for Huwei Latin America, explained that the 6 GHz band has a strategic value for operators and device manufacturers in the development of 5G, because this spectrum would allow a balance in coverage and capacity.

“When we talk about the evolution to 5G, what we are very clear about is that it will require more bandwidth and the number of users will multiply, and something that we do not have in Mexico is too much spectrum,” Saldaña explained in an interview with the media. in the framework of the Huawei Cloud Latam Summit 2022 Forum. “The 6 GHz band is practically the last resource that remains as a wide band within the medium bands, in addition, the medium bands are the most important part due to the range, scope, speed “, he concluded.

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