EconomyFinancialHas Telcel called you lately? This is the reason...

Has Telcel called you lately? This is the reason why he urges you to answer

Telcel wants its users to quickly transition to 5G and to achieve this, Carlos Slim’s subsidiary company has started calling its postpaid customers to offer them a new chip that is compatible with the fifth generation of the network.

“This network, the fifth generation of networks, is being updated throughout the country, so when you are in an area with 5G it will connect automatically if your equipment is a giga-network or 5G,” the company explains to users. .

Some of the devices compatible with the new network, and that the company promotes among its clients, are the Motorola G50, Motorola G60S, ZTE Blade V40, as well as the Samsung Galaxy A22.

Telcel previously said that access to the 5G network would be restricted to postpaid plans with an initial fee of 599 pesos.

The company reported at the end of the second quarter of the year that it had already deployed this technology in 40 cities in the country, inhabited by 56 million people. An advance of 22 cities compared to the 18 with which it began in February of this year.

For the development of this technology in Mexico, whose deployment requires 10 times more infrastructure than the country currently has, Telcel calculates an investment of 1,800 million dollars.

5G: more revenue for Telcel

The replacement of cell phone equipment has slowed down in the last year due to the inflationary phenomenon that caused a redistribution in spending. In the second quarter of this year, Telcel reported losses of 1,619 million pesos due to lower sales of smartphones.

This phenomenon is slowing down the adoption of 5G technology, since most of the compatible devices exceed 10,000 pesos.

Telcel projected at the beginning of the year that 5G technology would be key to raising the average revenue per user (ARPU), that is, what a user spends on average on the telephone and internet services that they consume from their mobile device.

“The deployment of 5G networks allows us to expand capacity more efficiently and improves the customer experience with greater speed and quality,” the company said in its latest financial report for this year.

5G technology promises to boost industries such as automotive, mining, health, education, among others, by allowing them to automate their processes. Experts and managers in the sector have accepted that the new network will initially benefit companies more quickly than users, because accessing this technology implies a great economic challenge for users at a time when their income is being hit by uncontrollable inflation.

Huawei wants the band for WiFi 6 to be tendered

The 6 GHz spectrum band to achieve WiFi 6 will allow coverage of hundreds of square miles and offer ideal data speeds for streaming.

How to accelerate the adoption of 5G? Companies see a solution in device subsidies

Companies in the sector assure that if telephones are subsidized in Mexico, the digital gap will be reduced more quickly. Other countries have used a different scheme to drive adoption.

"Mexico loses competitiveness in telecommunications due to tax collection policy"

The IFT said the cost overrun of spectrum in the country has generated negative effects both for companies in the sector looking to expand their coverage, and for the public Treasury itself.

Goodbye Telcel: 2.3 million users decide to try their luck with another company so...

Of the users who said goodbye to Carlos Slim's company, just over half a million left for Telefónica (Movistar). AT&T and Bait, Walmart's MVNO, also captured former Telcel clients.

Telcel sells fewer cell phones but makes up for it with more expensive 5G...

5G technology has allowed the company to raise the average income per user, which went from 157 pesos in the second half of 2021 to 166 pesos at the end of June.