NewsCarnival 2022: Can we still celebrate at all?

Carnival 2022: Can we still celebrate at all?

Can the Cologne Carnival 2022 take place despite Corona? Implementation is becoming increasingly unlikely. Because despite good ideas, planning is sluggish.

Cologne – In about five weeks, Jecken fever would have broken out all over Cologne*. And beforehand, there are countless meetings, parties and events at the Cologne Carnival*. At least actually. Because due to the corona pandemic, the carnival alternatives are now on the brink.
24RHEIN* asked and knows what some of the plans for the Cologne Carnival 2022 look like.

Several open-air events were planned – but on a smaller scale. But the implementation is more than difficult, as the carnival society "The Great of 1823" explains. (jw) *24RHEIN is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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