NewsCaroline of Hanover: Monaco's secret princess turns 65

Caroline of Hanover: Monaco's secret princess turns 65

Male inheritance applies in the Principality, otherwise Albert II’s big sister Caroline of Monaco would be the rightful ruler. On January 23rd she celebrates her 65th birthday.

Monte Carlo – If there is no heir to the throne in Monaco, it falls to France. In 2002, Prince Rainier III. (81, † 2005), Caroline’s (64), Albert’s (63) and Stephanie’s (56) father also stated that only those who were Monegasque citizens on the anniversary of the prince’s death were eligible for a successor. As long as Albert II remained childless, Princess Caroline (64) was second in line to the throne, her sons next in line. Were it not for the unchanged rule that male descendants take precedence over daughters, Caroline herself would have taken over the throne from Rainier.
The prevented princess will soon be celebrating her 65th birthday, reveals*

More than ever, Princess Caroline* is currently unofficially filling the position of First Lady in the rocky state on the Côte d’Azur. Princess Charlène* (43) has not been able to perform her duties for almost a year due to “profound physical and mental exhaustion”. Caroline, who was brought up to be conscientious, was always on hand, representing the twin mother and welcoming events at the side of her brother Albert II*, looking after his children, cultivating charity contacts and welcoming state guests to the Prince’s Palace.

Inner conflicts are only reflected in the married life of the beautiful first-born Gracia Patricias* (52, † 1982). A first hasty, two-year marriage as a rebellious 21-year-old with the 17-year-old playboy and banker Philippe Junot (81) was followed by the marriage to Stefano Casiraghi (30, † 1990), whose racing boat tragically crashed in 1990 in the Coastal rock shattered. Caroline was a widow after only seven years at the side of her great love and was left alone with her children Andrea (37), Charlotte (35) and Pierre Casiraghi, who were six, four and two at the time.

It was only nine years later, in 1999, that she dared to remarry with Prince Ernst August of Hanover* 67). Luck was granted to the marriage in the form of the latecomer Alexandra von Hannover* (22). The end of the marriage was never officially announced, but they have not been seen together for many years. Scandals, fights and inheritance disputes with his firstborn Ernst August von Hanover* (38) overshadowed his life.

After the horrific accidental death of her legendary mother, Grace Kelly*, she uncomplainedly took on the role of First Lady. “I work for my country,” she replied modestly when asked about her personal wishes. For many years, Caroline was responsible for all representative tasks within the royal family*.

Because Prince Albert II enjoyed his life, preferred to have affairs and fathered two illegitimate children instead of committing himself firmly. It was not until he was 53 that he married Charlène Wittstock, who was born in South Africa, in 2011 and had his seven-year-old twins, Hereditary Prince Jacques* and Gabriella, in 2014. Only children of a marriage are recognized as heirs. For Princess Caroline, it was the end of her role as a princess until Charlène fell ill.

Now it remains to be seen who will be the “First Lady” at Prince Albert’s side at the end of January at the celebrations in honor of Sainte Dévote on February 26th and 27th, which are so dearly loved by the Monegasques. Princess Charlène or Caroline of Hanover, the princess in the background? * and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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