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Carrier pigeons faster than broadband

paloma-mensajera A British citizen has shown that in his locality it takes less time to deliver information through carrier pigeons than through the Internet .

To confirm the poor internet connection speed suffered in many rural locations in the UK , Tref Davies has organized a “race” between ten racing pigeons and his ADSL service. This British citizen released the birds with microSD cards tied to their legs at the same time as he began uploading a five-minute, 300-megabit video.

An hour and a quarter after the start of the race, the pigeons had reached their destination , in Skegness, some 120 kilometers away, but only 24% of the file had been uploaded. The creator of the experiment has ensured that in the United Kingdom “around a third of homes still cannot get broadband.” An investigation commissioned by the BBC last year revealed that some three million households in the UK have internet connections of less than 2MB per second.

It is not the first time that a similar experiment has been carried out to demonstrate the deficiencies of the connection speed, since last year another pigeon managed to deliver a 4GB file in the same period of time in which only one had been downloaded. 4% of it on a computer.

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