NewsCat adopts eight baby hedgehogs after a lawnmower killed...

Cat adopts eight baby hedgehogs after a lawnmower killed their mother

Because their mother died after an accident with a lawnmower, eight hedgehog babies were in danger of starvation. But a cat of all people took them in and saved their lives.

Vladivostok / Russia – Animal welfare associations have long been warning of robotic lawn mowers, which can be a great danger * for hedgehogs. The prickly animals curl up in a ball when they feel unsafe instead of fleeing. With fatal consequences, because the machine makes no distinction between grass and hedgehog * when mowing.

For a hedgehog in Vladivostok, Russia, it was not an advantage for a person to operate the lawnmower, because the lawnmower overlooked the animal and hit it on the head with the machine so dangerously that it died as a result. Particularly tragic: the female hedgehog had recently given birth to eight babies who were now completely helpless without the help of their mother.

Without their mother, the eight hedgehog babies were in danger of starving

Fortunately for the little animals, they were discovered in time and brought to the zoo of the Sadgorod region. The carers there devotedly try to nurse the hedgehog babies back up. However, as reports, it was not an easy undertaking.

Because: The eight hedgehog babies did not want to be fed with the syringe or the bottle and did not eat independently. To stimulate her digestion, the zookeepers even placed her on a heating pad at night – but nothing helped. Without their mother, the baby hedgehogs simply did not want to eat.

“You have not eaten alone,” Alyona Asnowina, deputy director of Sadgorod Zooach two is quoted “After two days they got hungry.” Then the Russian had an idea. Shortly before, your cat had nursed its own babies – and was therefore still able to give milk. “I caught them and quickly brought them to the hedgehogs,” says Alyona Asnowina.

And hard to believe, but true: the baby hedgehogs reacted immediately to the body heat and the smell of milk. “Surprisingly, my cat also immediately knew how to behave. She lay down relaxed and nursed her, ”says the Russian.

The mother cat takes in the eight baby hedgehogs and saves their lives

That probably saved the lives of the eight young animals. They stayed with the cat for days, looking for its body heat and drinking some of its milk. Only after a week were they able to eat food on their own – but no reason to let the unexpected cat mom out of sight. Afterwards she kept checking on her eight adoptive children. * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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