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Cat Nora abused as a "soccer ball" – animal abuser filmed Tat for the Internet

A gruesome case of animal cruelty from Austria: A cat named Nora was abused as a football, showered with beer and died. The perpetrators filmed their act for the network.

Lackendorf – More than a year ago, the less than 600-inhabitant community of Lackendorf in the Austrian Burgenland became the scene of a terrible cruelty to animals: a cat was abused to death. Even today, the incident is dear to the hearts of many animal lovers – because the velvet paw named Nora was used as a football, showered with beer and the perpetrators also filmed their act with a cell phone, as * reports.

The cat Nora is found dead in the field – the beer can and footprints provide clear indications

The cat and her two siblings lived with their master in Burgenland for around two and a half years. But even if Nora liked to take longer walks, she always came back for breakfast, according to the former owner. However, when the cat had not returned to the family by lunchtime on an April day in 2020, the owner began to worry. A friend was supposed to make the terrible discovery during the search: The cat was lying dead in a field about a kilometer from home. Torn and wet fur, an empty beer can and the trampled field suggested the worst.

Traces and evidence quickly made it clear that it was a case of animal cruelty. The cat was used as a soccer ball and then the perpetrators showered it with beer. About a month after Nora’s death, it also became clear that the animal abusers are said to have filmed the crime for the social media platform Snapchat.

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