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Cathy Hummels: A big dream has come true for son Ludwig

Cathy Hummels made her son Ludwig particularly happy with a campaign. But not all fans are enthusiastic.

Dortmund / Munich – St. Nicholas Day was celebrated in countless households on Monday (December 6th). The generous saint also stopped by Cathy Hummels * (33) and her offspring. RUHR24 * knows the details of the campaign.

moderator Cathy Hummels
Born January 31, 1988 (age 33), Dachau
Spouse Mats Hummels (married 2015)
children Ludwig Hummels

Cathy Hummels surprises son Ludwig – the present sparked discussions

The season of Advent is extremely turbulent for the moderator. Cathy Hummels recently experienced a shocking moment when her Advent wreath suddenly caught fire *. In addition, she got involved again in the donation gala “We help children” * to help the little ones who urgently need help.

Now she is enjoying the time together with the offspring – including a surprise for son Ludwig (3). Because Nicholas personally presented him with a gift. Cathy Hummels’ make-up artist Anna took on the role of saint and was hardly recognizable with her typical white beard and red robe.

But not only the meeting of St. Nicholas caused bright children’s eyes for the son of BVB defender Mats Hummels (32) *. The gift, too, seems to be a real hit.

Cathy Hummels criticized on Instagram – gift for son Ludwig too expensive?

Cathy Hummels has published photos of his son Ludwig on Instagram, on which his joy at the present can be clearly seen. The reason for this: A Lego ferris wheel that you can assemble yourself. “He has wanted this Ferris wheel so much for weeks,” explains the BVB player’s wife in the comment under the private recordings published on Instagram (more celebrity and TV news * at RUHR24).

There is a matching photo in which she holds the box with the plastic bricks in front of her son and presents it to the camera. The day therefore seems to have been extremely successful for the mother-son team. “With a lot of imagination he got a wonderful party today and is very happy and blissful,” explains the 33-year-old in a comment.

Check out this post on Instagram

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But with some fans, Cathy Hummels’ action seems anything but good. Because the Ferris wheel as a gift seems to be a bit exaggerated to some Instagram users. The product is currently reduced online. But at just under 65 euros instead of 90 euros, it’s not exactly a bargain.

Expensive gift from Cathy Hummels to son Ludwig – Instagram fans are annoyed by the influencer

Instagram users therefore have different opinions about the gift. While some are happy with the celebrity family, there is also a great lack of understanding for the selection of the gift.

  • “That’s sweet. But when did you start giving such expensive things as gifts? “
  • “Sorry, but completely exaggerated. It’s just Nicholas. “
  • “Did not understand the meaning of Nicholas. Or is it already Christmas? It’s amazing how quickly small children are spoiled. “

But there are also compliments for Cathy Hummels for setting heaven and hell in motion for her offspring to make him have a wonderful day.

  • “You are a loving, great mom.”
  • “You are really a top mom for him.”

For the moderator herself, the day seems to have been a welcome change. Recently, rumors about a possible new girlfriend of BVB player Mats Hummels * made the rounds. Cathy Hummels recently shared a mysterious declaration of love * with her subscribers on Instagram, which puzzles many.

Video: Moderator Cathy Hummels – also known apart from “Battle of Reality Stars”

In addition, the power woman seems to be swimming on the wave of success professionally. In addition to her jobs as a TV presenter for “Kampf der Realitystars”, Cathy Hummels * has already gained some experience as a book author, influencer and fitness coach. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network .

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