NewsCathy Hummels receives Shitstorm - and draws surprising conclusions

Cathy Hummels receives Shitstorm – and draws surprising conclusions

Moderator Cathy Hummels reaps criticism for one and the same thing – three times in a row. The influencer seems to take the mask requirement very loosely.

Munich – Cathy Hummels (33) is making headlines again. The influencer and presenter can now count over 600,000 followers on Instagram to her circle. But now the wife of BVB soccer player Mats Hummels (32) received a big shit storm, knows RUHR24 *.

moderator Cathy Hummels
Born January 31, 1988 (age 33), Dachau
size 1.68 meters
Spouse Mats Hummels (married 2015)
children Ludwig Hummels (married 2018)

Cathy Hummels disregards the mask requirement: the influencer shows herself without an FFP2 mask at the train station

Anyone who comments on the current corona situation or the vaccination problem on social media must be particularly careful. No matter what you say – you can expect a shit storm. Cathy Hummels has often received criticism * for her interpretation of the corona measures. Because she often sees them quite loosely (all news about celebrities and TV * at RUHR24).

This is also shown by a new picture of the influencer, which she published on Instagram. If it weren’t for a pandemic, the photo could look all the more likeable: The 33-year-old stands at the door of an ICE train at Munich Central Station and laughs into the camera.

Cathy Hummels without FFP2 mask at the train station: Followers are mad at the moderator

But exactly this laugh is also the problem that the followers see in the picture. Because Cathy Hummels does not wear a mask * – this is not allowed. This is also noticed by the critics, who address clear words to the presenter under the photo: “In stations, on platforms and on trains, it is mandatory to wear a mask… Why is it so difficult to understand? And that with the numbers in Bavaria, for example, ”notes one user.

Check out this post on Instagram

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A second becomes even clearer: “In all trains and stations of the Deutsche Bahn, the obligation to wear a medical mouth and nose cover applies. That applies to everyone without exception! ”In Bavaria, wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory (in other federal states a simple medical mask is sometimes sufficient) on the entire station area. Cathy Hummels has violated this.

Cathy Hummels does not learn from criticism: Followers angry again about photos without a mask on Instagram

It is not known whether she put the mask back on after the little photo shoot or whether she went to 1st class on the ICE without a face mask. However, followers joke that the shoot at the train door was definitely one of the reasons why the train was supposedly delayed.

However, the criticism of her followers does not seem to have reached Cathy Hummels *. Just one day later, she again published pictures of herself at Munich Central Station. While she is prancing across the platform in the three pictures, the mandatory FFP2 mask is clearly missing here as well.

Cathy Hummels understanding? Influencer deletes questionable photos after criticism on Instagram

However, the followers also got to see a third posting from the train station shoot. In this picture, the influencer is sitting at the window on a train and dreamily looking out the window. She writes: “Take your time for the things that make you happy. Because you never know what tomorrow will be. ”Very present, unpresent: The required FFP2 mask is also missing in the third series of photos.

Cathy Hummels, Influencerin, sitzt vor Verhandlungsbeginn im Oberlandesgericht im Gerichtssaal zu Beginn der Berufungsverhandlung im Rechtsstreit um Schleichwerbung.


An accessory that Cathy Hummels doesn’t seem to like to wear: a mask.

At least with this series of pictures, it seems as if a little criticism has reached the 33-year-old. Only a few hours after posting the pictures on her Instagram account, they were gone again, reports watson . Even if many people think Cathy Hummels’ pictures of the train station are successful, including celebrity make-up artist Boris Entrup (43), the negative comments outweigh the negative comments. One thing is clear: Cathy Hummels would be just as beautiful with an FFP2 mask as without – only she does not commit a crime. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network.

Heading image: © RTL

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