NewsCelestial object "Oumuamua": astrophysicist suspects alien technology

Celestial object "Oumuamua": astrophysicist suspects alien technology

Avi Loeb, a former professor of astrophysics at Harvard University, is causing a sensation among scientists with a thesis: He suspects an alien satellite to be behind a rare celestial object.

Cambridge – In October 2017, astronomers telescoped an unknown object in our solar system. Since then, researchers have been fighting over the celestial body, called "Oumuamua" (Hawaiian: "the scout"). Avi Loeb, a former professor of astrophysics at Harvard University, is causing a stir among scientists with his very own thesis.
The astrophysicist from Harvard is certain: the object is an alien satellite (BW24 * reported).
Avi Loeb justifies his thesis to the editorial network Germany (RND) as follows: “The problem is that Oumuamua did not have a comet tail. Usually, when comets approach the Sun, their ice shell evaporates and a tail forms. In the case of Oumuamua, however, telescopes could not detect any. ”* BW24 is an offer from Ippen.Media.

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