NewsCell phone falls into bathtub: 13-year-old died

Cell phone falls into bathtub: 13-year-old died

Many teenagers can hardly be separated from their cell phones. A young girl died of a fatal accident involving a cell phone.

Mâcon – A 13-year-old was electrocuted in the bathtub in France when her cell phone, which was plugged in for charging, fell into the water. Rescue workers were able to revive the girl after the incident in Mâcon, reported the newspaper “Le Parisien” on Saturday.

She was in a coma in the University Hospital of Lyon for a few days and then died. The girl had arranged to meet a friend at home when the accident struck. The friend came to the hospital in shock. The exact processes are still being determined.

Meanwhile, the girl’s mother appealed to other young people and their parents in the local newspaper, as reported by “Le Parisien”. “That has to be a warning to other teenagers because they all have their cell phones implanted in their hands. We really have to insist: no telephones in bathtubs, because it can end so dramatically. ”Dpa

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