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CFE Telecom appoints general director and announces two connectivity projects

CFE Telecomunicaciones e Internet para Todos (CFE TIT), a subsidiary company of the CFE, appointed David Pantoja Meléndez as the new general director of the company. The new leader of the company, which seeks to close the country’s digital divide, takes office after almost a year of the company operating without a CEO due to the death of Raymundo Artís Espriú.

In a statement, the new general director proposed the Public Telecommunications Network project whose purpose is to provide mobile telephony and broadband services to benefit more than 6 million people in the country. The plan will involve an investment of 8,710 million pesos.

The director of CFE TEIT assured that the increase in the coverage of telecommunications services in the national territory will be approximately 26 thousand localities, including 173 municipal seats.

Another of the plans that the subsidiary company of the CFE will develop is the National Internet Access and Aggregation Network for All, which will have an investment of 6 thousand 859 million pesos and will benefit approximately 62 million inhabitants, more than 3,000 localities and 15,500 federal entities in addition to hospitals, schools, Welfare banks, Telecom centers and federal offices.

The program proposes the acquisition of service transmission equipment through Fiber Optic.

According to the National Survey on the Availability and Use of Information Technologies in Households (ENDUTIH) of the Inegi, the number of users with Internet access in Mexico reached 84.1 million, which represents that 28% of the population six years and older did not connect to the network.

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