EconomyFinancialCFE Telecomunicaciones may have an inexperienced director

CFE Telecomunicaciones may have an inexperienced director

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) determined that the appointment of the new director of the company CFE Telecomunicaciones e Internet para Todos will not require experience in the sector.

According to the Official Gazette of the Federation, the CFE eliminated the last paragraph of article 18 of the agreement to create the State productive company that will be in charge of closing the country’s digital divide, which was issued in 2019.

This paragraph establishes that, in order to occupy the position of general director, it was necessary to comply with article 19 of the Federal Electricity Law, which states that he will be appointed based on his experience, capacity and professional prestige, for which he must meet the requirements as “broad powers for acts of domain, administration, lawsuits and collections, including those that require authorization, power of attorney or special clause in terms of the applicable provisions, including employer representation and necessary powers in labor matters.”

CFE Telecomunicaciones e Internet para todos has been operating without a general director since June 2021, after the death of Raymundo Artís Espriú.

For this year, the state company has a budget of 3,309.6 million pesos to operate, which represents 66.5% more than in 2021.

According to the company, last year it only established 70 free internet access points in works built through the Urban Improvement Program (PMU) in 11 municipalities in the country, without specifying the entities, which has an agreement with the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu).

With the agreement, it is expected to benefit more than 965,000 people in the states of Baja California (Tijuana), Campeche (Campeche and Seybaplaya), State of Mexico (Chalco and Texcoco), Jalisco (Puerto Vallarta), Morelos (Ayala), Nayarit ( Banderas Bay), Quintana Roo (Solidarity), Tabasco (Nacajuca) and Yucatan (Progress).

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