NewsChanel shows new Métiers d'Art collection in Paris

Chanel shows new Métiers d'Art collection in Paris

Hats, gold jewelry and broderies – Chanel relies on handicrafts for its latest show in Paris. The fashion house also chose the right location for the event.

Paris – With a focus on traditional craftsmanship, the fashion house Chanel has just presented its new Métiers d’Art collection. The show took place on an area of 9,000 square meters called “19M” in the northeast of Paris.

The center for Chanel’s handicrafts has recently moved there. All eleven studios of the house, including hat maker Maison Michel, shoemaker Massaro, feather and flower specialist Lemarié and goldsmith Goossens, have been working there under one roof for a few months.

It is therefore obvious that creative director Virginie Viard is putting the studios in the foreground with her new collection. Almost every piece was decorated with elaborate broderies, the models wore canotier hats covered with tweed fabric or a whole series of eye-catching, long chains that reached deep into the cleavage. A black trouser suit was covered all over with feathers, and Viard combined wide jeans with long knitted coats with rhinestones.

With the show on December 7th, Chanel presented the “19M” to the public for the first time, and an official inauguration ceremony is planned for the next few months. dpa

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