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Changes in Germany: This will change in 2022 with the child bonus and child benefit

In 2022 there will be some changes to child benefit and child bonus. The “Ampel” has now decided on a one-off bonus for children.

Frankfurt – In order to relieve citizens in Germany in view of the sharp increase in energy and fuel prices caused by the Ukraine conflict, the traffic light coalition decided on Thursday (03/24/2022) a comprehensive relief package. Particular attention was paid to families. You benefit from a one-time payment.

In order to support families, the traffic light coalition wants to pay out a one-time payment of 100 euros per child via the family coffers in addition to the child benefit. Like the payments in the corona pandemic years 2020 and 2021, the bonus will be offset against the child allowance, which means that top earners benefit less or not at all. Anyone who receives social benefits should receive a further one-off payment of 100 euros in addition to the 100 euros subsidy that has already been decided. From January, the standard requirements would then have to be increased appropriately in view of the price increases. Consumer advocates criticized that the aid was not enough for people who were finding it difficult to make ends meet anyway.

Child bonus and child benefit – what will change in Germany in 2022?

In principle, all parents in Germany are entitled to monthly payments. The so-called child benefit is intended to support legal guardians to cover the costs of clothing, food and a home for their children. It doesn’t matter if the child is your own. Adopted or sometimes foster children also receive this payment.

Im Jahr 2020 und 2021 wurde ein Corona-Kinderbonus ausgezahlt. (Symbolbild)


A Corona child bonus was paid out in 2020 and 2021. (icon picture)

At the beginning of 2021, child benefit was increased: parents now receive a total of 15 euros more per child per month. Since then, the first and second child have received 219 euros. As the website shows, there is 225 euros for the third child and from four children there is 250 euros for each additional child. You are entitled to child benefit if…

  • … the legal guardians have a normal place of residence or residence in Germany
  • or
  • …live abroad, but are subject to unlimited tax liability
  • And:
  • … the child is under 18 years old
  • or:
  • … the child is under the age of 21 and does not earn any money themselves
  • or
  • …. the child is under 25 years old and is in education

Will there be another Corona child bonus in 2022? Additional support for parents during the pandemic

Due to the Corona Pandemic, an additional payment for guardians was enforced in 2020 to support them. They received a one-time child bonus of 300 euros for each child. Such a supporting payment was also approved in 2021. However, it was only 150 euros per child – and in 2022 it will look different again.

According to, it does not look like there will be another support payment in the form of a corona bonus this year. Instead, however, there is the one-time bonus as part of the relief package from the traffic light government.

What has also changed in 2022 is the amount of the child supplement. This is financial support for low-income earners. While this was still 205 euros in 2021, it has now increased slightly to 209 euros per month per child. The reason is a relief for the legal guardians, as reported

Child bonus 2022: coalition agreement provides for an increase in child benefit

A general increase in child benefit is not planned for 2022. The traffic light coalition, on the other hand, would like to reorganize support for children and introduce basic child security. This is part of the contract of the traffic light coalition. SPD, Alliance 90/ The Greens and also the FDP are all in favor of changing and increasing financial support for children. “We want to create better opportunities for children and young people with basic child security and focus on those who need the most support,” says the coalition agreement.

Child benefit and child allowance: That will change in 2022

In general, these additional funds should be divided into a basic amount and a graduated amount. The former would not depend on the income of the legal guardians. But the second is. Here there would be a staggering and ranked according to merit.

So far, however, this change is not in sight. That is why the old child benefit will remain in place for the time being in 2022. It is the same with the child allowance, which acts as an alternative to child benefit. The former is a fixed monthly payment. Alternatively, there is a child allowance for parents. Whether child benefit or the tax exemption is cheaper for families is determined in the course of the tax return and automatically offset. (fh)

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