NewsCharlène from Monaco “disfigured” after facelift? Bad rumors about...

Charlène from Monaco “disfigured” after facelift? Bad rumors about the princess

According to Prince Albert, Charlène von Monaco is currently being treated abroad for exhaustion. A Spanish nobility expert gives other reasons for her absence.

Monaco – The Spanish royal expert Pilar Eyre is currently heating up the rumor mill about Charlène von Monaco (43). Allegedly, the princess is said to be far away from Monaco because she wanted to hide from the public *.

Charlène from Monaco “disfigured” after facelift? Bad rumors about the princess

After the plane from South Africa landed in Monaco with Princess Charlène * on board, we were initially very happy to see us again. After what felt like an eternity, the 43-year-old was finally able to hold her husband Prince Albert II (63) and her seven-year-old twins Jacques * and Gabriella in their arms again.

The family reunion seemed to be a success, but the sobering news followed only a short time later. As Albert announced, his wife had left Monaco to be treated in a facility abroad for “physical and mental exhaustion” *. Friends of the princess also explained how bad things had really been for her in South Africa – Charlène had “almost died” * and lost almost half her body weight.

Charlène von Monaco trägt eine großen schwarzen Hut (Symbolbild).


Charlène von Monaco is said to have undergone cosmetic surgery (symbol picture).

A Spanish nobility expert has now also spoken out on the current situation. Pilar Eyre wants to know the real reasons why Princess Charlène is currently not in Monaco.

Charlène from Monaco “disfigured” after facelift? Controversial theses by Pilar Eyre

Pilar Eyre claims in Lecturas magazine that Charlène was “disfigured” after a failed beauty operation and is therefore hiding from the public. The operation, which Eyre claims to have been carried out in Dubai, went wrong and resulted in the princess having scars on her face. As proof of her theory, the aristocracy expert cites that Charlène was the only one to wear a mask when she saw her family * after her return from South Africa. The fact that she was also not present at the birthday party of her children Jacques and Gabriella * could support this thesis.

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Prince Albert * wanted to take the wind out of the sails of burgeoning claims of this kind some time ago. He had announced that his wife’s current treatment had nothing to do with cancer, Covid or plastic surgery. Pilar Eyre evidently did not believe the Regent’s testimony and nevertheless made her view of things public in the press. A statement from the Princely House is still pending. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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Charlene of Monaco is said to have recovered in the luxury clinic "Les Alpes".

Luxurious facilities, competent staff, idyllic location: The "Les Alpes" clinic, where Charlène von Monaco is said to have been treated, has a lot to offer.

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