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Charlene of Monaco: How does she react to Albert's ex's private congratulations?

As soon as Charlène is back in Monaco, a new drama is ready. Albert’s ex-lover Nicole Coste congratulated him on his birthday with very personal words. Maybe too personal?

Monaco – To the great delight of the Monegasques, Princess Charlène (44) was finally able to return to the Principality. While she will continue to need rest and recuperation in the coming weeks, at least she has her family around her again. Ironically, Nicole Coste (50), the mother of Prince Albert’s illegitimate son Alexandre (18), is now disturbing the idyll* again.

Charlene of Monaco: How does she react to Albert’s ex’s private congratulations?

It had been a long time in Monaco to wait for Charlène* to return home – the time had finally come just in time for Prince Albert*’s 64th birthday on March 14th. The 44-year-old was finally able to hug her husband and their seven-year-old twins Jacques* and Gabriella in their home environment. In the coming weeks, the princess wants to recover completely, then she will gradually take on official tasks again, the palace said.

The family happiness should actually be perfect again. If it wasn’t for Albert’s ex-lover Nicole Coste. In the past, the 50-year-old could not resist angry tips towards Charlène. Now she added again. With a very personal Instagram post, she congratulated her son Alexandre’s father on his birthday. Clearly too personal when it comes to Charlène’s fans.

Charlène von Monaco trägt eine helle Jacke und schaut ernst (Symbolbild).


Prince Albert’s ex-lover Nicole Coste apparently doesn’t think much of Charlène (symbol image).

Charlene of Monaco: Nicole Coste congratulates with “family photo”

On her private Instagram channel, the content of which only her followers can see, Coste published a “family photo” of herself, Albert and their son. She wrote: “Happy birthday Albert. The world will recognize you as the faithful, the dignified, the KING”. A simple “Happy Birthday” probably wasn’t enough.

How Charlène* could have reacted to the grandiose words can only be speculated about. The princess herself had preferred to keep her congratulations to her husband out of the public eye. The posting of the ex-lover certainly hardly left her completely cold. Palace insiders even speak of a bad humiliation for the 44-year-old.

Charlène von Monaco schaut gedankenverloren und lächelt (Symbolbild).


How much does Charlene take Nicole Coste’s latest move to heart? (icon picture)

Nicole Coste was last in the headlines when she attended a service in Monaco on the holiday of Saint Devote*, in which the princely family* also took part. At the time, Charlène was still abroad for treatment. Albert’s ex had previously trumpeted that the princess’s health problems were “karma”* and that she herself was held in higher esteem by the Monegasques anyway. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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