NewsCharlene of Monaco: Is she morbidly jealous?

Charlene of Monaco: Is she morbidly jealous?

Does the constant confrontation with Albert’s ex-girlfriends have a part in Charlene’s illness? The couple was rarely seen relaxed. It would actually explain the distance.

Monaco – If you marry a playboy, you have to be prepared for surprises. Prince Albert (63) was undoubtedly not a child of sadness. He has four children, two of whom are born out of wedlock. Today, the bon vivant officially stands by each of his offspring. Not an easy position for a wife who is constantly confronted with past life and former lovers. Is morbid jealousy the real reason for Charlène’s (44) “profound exhaustion”?*

Charlene of Monaco: Is she morbidly jealous?

First the allegedly illness-related stay in South Africa, now the therapy in a Swiss private clinic, which apparently devours huge sums*: The Princess of Monaco is not with her children Jacques (7) and Gabriella (7), her husband Prince Albert II.* and her royals commitments returned. The son of Prince Rainier III runs the official business. of Monaco* (81, † 2005, but Caroline of Hanover (65), the prince’s sister*, has long since taken on most of Charlène’s tasks.

Fürst Albert II und Fürstin Charlene am Vorabend des Feiertags zu Ehren der Nationalheiligen Sainte Devote (Symbolbild).


A look often says more than a thousand words. The Princess seems to have spotted someone in the crowd (symbol image).

What’s the matter with Charlene? There are clinical pictures that are described in psychology with the different forms of pathological jealousy. What the syndromes have in common is that only therapeutically accompanied distance brings improvement. In addition to the Othello syndrome, which describes marital paranoia and is expressed in the delusional belief in the unfaithfulness of the life partner, “Intouch” suspects that the princess could be suffering from Rebecca syndrome. This leads to exaggerated jealousy of the ex-partner.

Charlene of Monaco: Constantly confronted with ex-lovers and their children

Nicole Coste (50), the mother of Albert’s son Alexandre Coste (18), did not make it easy for the former Olympian with her press campaigns. It was just a few months ago that she snubbed the South African native during her engagement in Paris Match magazine. She said she experienced things that alarmed and shocked her. Charlène would have forbidden the then 7-year-old son Alexandre to leave the staff trackt during his visits to the palace. Another lover of the son of Gracia Patricia* (52, † 1982), Simona Tagli (57), also shot her poisoned arrows against the princess* of the rock state.

Fürst Albert II und Fürstin Charlene am Vorabend des Feiertags zu Ehren der Nationalheiligen Sainte Devote (Symbolbild).


Is Charlène almost in tears here? The situation is undoubtedly very tense (symbol image).

The fact that Albert and even their twins spend time with their half-siblings, as shown by a now-deleted picture of Jazmin Grimaldis (30) with all the siblings on Instagram *, could also throw them back.

Should one of the terrible diagnoses come true, the princess would not have a good hand. Only professional help, distance and an understanding partner could then help. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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