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Charlene of Monaco: Finally back home with Albert and the children

This is what everyone has been waiting for. After almost a year, Princess Charlène is finally returning to her family in Monaco. The palace announced the news in a press release.

Monaco – After long stays in South Africa and in a Swiss clinic, the sovereign has finally returned to the island state on the Côte d’Azur. The news was confirmed in a statement from the palace, which said the Charlène was able to return to her homeland due to her “encouraging recovery” and with the permission of her doctors. Finally the family is finally united.*

Charlène of Monaco: Finally back in the palace with Prince Albert and her children

The message also said: “The next few weeks should allow Princess Charlene (44) to further strengthen her health before she gradually resumes her official commitments.” The joy of her children Jacques (7) and Gabriella (7) is likely be huge. Finally they can happily hug their mother again.

Fürstin Charlène mit einem schüchternen Lächeln (Symbolbild).


Charlene is back. After many months in the clinic, the Princess is reunited with her family (symbol image).

For Prince Albert II* (63), Charlène’s return ended a never-ending gauntlet run, in which he was confronted with rumors and accusations*. The speculation is now over. Because it goes on to say that the native South African is looking forward to getting in touch with the Monegasque population as soon as her health has improved.

Charlene of Monaco: She has to find her way back into palace life

The former Olympian does not seem to be quite fit yet. The statement ended with the words: “So that Princess Charlène* can fully recover and since she still needs rest, the royal couple asks that her private life and her family environment continue to be respected.”

The Princess went for treatment outside of Monaco in November. Her husband shared in December that she was “recovering in a satisfactory and reassuring manner.” After all, because his wife’s therapy is said to have devoured a fortune*.

During the secret stay little of the princess got out. Apart from a few activities from her Instagram account, Charlène remained as if swallowed up by the face of the earth, the last pictures showed her personally on her return from South Africa, united in the Monegasque Prince’s Palace. The photos had been disturbing because Charlène was the only one with a mask*.

Apart from an illustrated Christmas card from her family*, a birthday video from her foundation and a tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu (90, † 2021), who died in December, there was no information. She never commented on her condition herself. The last post showed Charlène in a manga comic.*

It is to be hoped that the mother of the country will continue to recover well and that she will be able to fully enjoy her husband Albert’s 64th birthday on March 14 with her loved ones. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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