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Charlène von Monaco – A Russian billionaire at the side of the princess

After repeated relapses, Princess Charlène’s health is again the focus. Suddenly a Russian billionaire appears by her side.

Monaco – Princess Charlène of Monaco has been attracting attention for months. The health of the 43-year-olds in particular is always in focus. The main reason for this was Charlène’s stay in South Africa, which was significantly extended due to a persistent ENT infection. Numerous hospital stays, intermittent breakdowns and a difficult path to recovery were part of it.

Finally, he returned to Monaco in November. However, the situation quickly overwhelmed her. Her husband Albert spoke to People magazine about an “emotional as well as physical” overload of the princess. Once again, Charlène had to seek treatment. As it became known, the 43-year-old is now said to be in a special clinic in Switzerland. However, it is unclear why the princess is in a hospital that specializes primarily in mental illness and addiction therapies.

Princess Charlène of Monaco: This is the billionaire by her side

During her time in South Africa, Princess Charlène always emphasized that her family was a great support for her. Overall, however, there were only a few visits from the two children, Gabriella and Jacques, and husband Albert. In the wake of her latest health problems, someone new seems to be supporting Princess Charlène: Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin.

Fürstin Charlène von Monaco


Princess Charlène of Monaco. (Archive photo)

But who is that? Dorodin is 59 years old. He is considered an internationally networked businessman and has already invested in numerous properties. He also has a reputation as an art collector. In public, the Russian billionaire appeared primarily on the side of the model Naomi Campbell. The two were a couple between 2009 and 2013.

Naomi Campbell und Vladislav Doronin im Jahr 2012, als sie noch ein Paar waren. (Archivfoto)


Naomi Campbell and Vladislav Doronin in 2012 when they were still a couple. (Archive photo)

The British newspaper The Sun recently reviewed how the connection between Princess Charlène of Monaco and Vladislav Doronin came about. “The whole story is very complex and confusing, but Charlène and Vlad are in contact and spent time together,” reveals an anonymous source from Charlène’s environment: “They have known each other for a while.” For example, Dorodin and Campbell are guests the wedding of Charlene to Prince Albert in 2011, the report said. Now the contact between the Monegasque principality and the Russian billionaire seems to be intensifying again.

Charlène von Monaco and Prince Albert under attack: Serious allegations against Royals

In the course of Charlène’s stay, among other things, rumors about a marriage crisis between the Princess and Prince Albert had become loud. These were largely fueled by the statements of an aunt Albert. For example, she claimed that Charlene would not return to Monaco. Charlène and Albert completely contradicted this.

Even the latest contact between Princess Charlène and Vladislav Doronin does not seem to give rise to such rumors. According to consistent media reports, it should be a friendly relationship. (do)

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