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Charles' III. "Tampon-Gate" is to be the subject of a new season of "The Crown".

Created: 10/21/2022, 8:19 am

King Charles III and Camilla are not to be envied. In the 5th season “The Crown” Netflix shows old scandals that you would have liked to forget even back then. Once again, the streaming giant is unerringly on the edge of good taste.

London – The new season of “The Crown” shows the turbulent years of the British royals in the 90s. The decade was packed with scandals, lies, divorces and crises. Especially the broken marriage between the then heir to the throne King Charles III. (73) and Princess Diana (36, † 1997) moved minds at the time. The streaming giant pulls the old wiretapping scandal out of the box of the past, which went down in history as the “tampon gate”.

Embarrassing past hurts the king and his wife’s reputation

“There were three of us in this marriage. So it was a bit crowded,” Diana said in 1995 in the scandalous BBC interview that journalist Martin Bashir (59) obtained by submitting forged documents. What was meant was Camilla (75), who was already Charles’ mistress at that time. Recordings of a phone call from King Charles III. and Camilla went public in 1993. This will now be kicked with relish in Season 5 of The Crown.

Even before the start of the season on November 9 , Charles actor Dominic West (53) revealed that the TV series, in addition to many other fictional and semi-true stories, also uses the old love whispers between prince and lover, which clearly go below the belt when printed , when Charles told his lover Camilla Parker Bowles that he wanted to “live” in her pants, if he was lucky he would “be reborn as her tampon”.

Criticisms of the Netflix hit series “The Crown” (5th season)

One scene apparently shows ex-Prime Minister John Major (79) meeting Charles, who was 45 at the time, asking Major to force his mother to resign. Major then personally came forward from retirement and condemned the fictional scene as “malicious nonsense”.

To portray the new king as an unfaithful and power-hungry schemer shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022) is considered by many to be unreasonable.

Princess Diana’s horrific accidental death in the tunnel is recreated in the series. “We don’t show any impact,” was the unmoved statement from the producers, according to . Fans find that tremendously insensitive. The scenes even went too far for the crew.

Diana’s sons Prince Harry (38) and Prince William (40) have asked many times not to show the scandalous interview with Bashir.

In the series, Prince Philip (99, † 2021) is accused of having an affair with his longtime girlfriend Penelope Knatchbull (69), who, by the way, was also a good friend of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Actor Dominic West knows the current king personally. “Yes, I’ve met him a few times,” says the 53-year-old, who lives near Charles’ country estate, Highgrove House. West said he was a “huge fan” of Charles. So he was also personally in conflict.

Charles actor Dominic West denounces “intrusive and obnoxious” reporting

Je näher die Inhalte von „The Crown“ der Gegenwart nähern, desto sensibler sind die Themen. Das scheint den Netflix-Machern offenbar manchmal zu entfallen, wenn sie etwa alte Skandale von König Charles III. aufwärmen. Auch Charles-Darsteller Dominic West hat damit seine Probleme.
The closer the content of “The Crown” comes to the present, the more sensitive the topics are. The Netflix creators seem to miss that sometimes when they talk about old King Charles III scandals. warm up. Charles actor Dominic West also has his problems with it. © Christoph Soeder/dpa & Andrew Milligan/dpa

West explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he thought the scandal must have been something “deeply embarrassing” at the time. “If you look back on it and have to play it, you realize that it wasn’t those two people’s fault, two lovers having a private conversation.” What’s really clear to him, West says, is the ” “Intrusive and disgusting” reporting “that they printed it verbatim” and you could listen to the recording.

The actor went on to explain that portraying the scandal with co-star Olivia Williams, 54, who plays Camilla in season five, made him feel sorry for Charles and Camilla “for what they’ve been through.” Buckingham Palace is now rightly concerned about the image of the king whose coronation is yet to come. The warmed-up “tampon gate” is just one item in a long list of criticisms leveled at the creators of the series. Sources used:,, Entertainment Weekly

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