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Cheaper iPhones? we tell you how much the previous versions were devalued with the launch of the iPhone 14.

Earlier this month Apple announced the launch of its , whose price ranges from 20,999 to 28,999, in the case of the Pro Max. But new releases not only excite consumers because of what new phones can bring, but because older versions are devalued.

According to the Annual Phone Depreciation Report 2021, on average iPhones lose 49% of their value 12 months after being launched and 66% after 24 months.

For example, in the case of when it went on the market in 2020 it had a cost of 22,499 pesos. Your cost today is

How much is iPhone devalued?

Despite this loss of value, Apple remains the brand whose phones are less devalued compared to other brands.

For example, Samsung has a 65% depreciation after 12 months of launch, while Google phones depreciate on average 80% just 24 months after launch.

These are the phones that depreciate the least after 12 months of launch.

How to recover the investment of your iPhone?

iPhones are high-end phones whose lifespan, on average, can be up to five or six years if they are well maintained.

However, if you feel that it is time to exchange your device for a newer model, you can apply the “” model offered by the company. This means you can trade in your device for credit to buy a new device, or for an Apple Store gift card that you can use whenever you want.

For example, company, if your device meets the characteristics of an iPhone 11 you can get 4,100 pesos and for an iPhone 13 Pro Max up to 11,500 pesos.

On the other hand, there are other tools that you can use, such as , to know the value at which you can sell your phone.

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