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Checkmate, with HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro

What came first? The chicken or the egg? In the case of Huawei, first it was the egg, or what is the same, its processor, brain and soul: the Kirin 980. And from this egg the Mate 20 Pro was born. If we talk about the egg, it has the honor of being the first which was manufactured with 7 nanometer technology.

The result of it? Higher speed, lower consumption, and much more power of artificial intelligence that your smartphone incorporates. Kirin 980 also provides more fluidity to carry out daily tasks, save battery consumption, improve photography with AI, translate text in real time, identify monuments or even calculate the calories of food , for example.

Kirin 980 houses 6.9 billion transistors in a matrix size of just one cm2 , and a capacity 1.6 times greater than the previous generation. Compared to the 10 nanometer processor, the 7 nanometer processor offers 20% improved chipset performance and 40% efficiency improvement. Kirin 980 also opens a new era of artificial intelligence thanks to its double Neural Processing Unit (NPU), which sublimates the experience of artificial intelligence in the device offering greater processing power to recognize up to 4,600 images per minute , 120% more than Kirin 970.

Compared to its predecessor, Kirin 980 is equipped with a CPU up to 75% more powerful, a GPU with up to 46% more performance and an NPU up to 226% higher, which is equivalent to the CPU, GPU and NPU be up to 58%, 178% and 182% more efficient, respectively.

The Kirin 980 is the world’s first commercial SoC to utilize Cortex-A76-based cores , giving the CPU the flexibility to allocate the optimal amount of resources to heavy, medium, and light tasks for unobtrusive levels of efficiency. above, improving battery life.

A 4,200 mAh battery provides the user with the time necessary to enjoy carefree series, movies, photos, games, music, social networks, … And with Huawei Supercharge 2.0 , the charging system of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the user can charge 70% of your device in just half an hour, the average time it takes most of us to go to work, get ready, or eat?

Even more innovative is the reversible wireless charging with which whoever owns a Mate 20 Pro can transfer their battery charge to another compatible device by simply joining their smart phone to another smartphone that supports Qi wireless charging.

On the other hand, the security provided by the biometric solutions incorporated in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, thanks to the capabilities of the Kirin 980 processor, represent a new standard in the mobile market.

Where does the user prefer the fingerprint sensor? Some want it in front; others behind. With Mate 20 Pro the fingerprint sensor is built into the screen. Leaning on the table, in the car or wherever … simply putting your finger on the screen unlocks the device. That easy.

But the Mate 20 Pro is also Huawei’s first device with 3D face unlock with infrared technology . During the day, at night, in the dark, against the light, doing a handstand… No matter how, you simply have to register your face and unlock your smartphone “by the face”.

And to complete the masterpiece, and the checkmate to its market opponents , the Mate 20 Pro Huawei climbs one more step and improves the photographic capabilities that it introduced with the P20 Pro, the first smartphone in the world to incorporate a triple Leica 40 camera. + 20 + 8 MP , also integrating a 5x zoom and a spectacular super night mode thanks to the artificial intelligence capabilities of the processor.

In the Mate 20 Pro, the best is improved and a triple-angle lens is incorporated to take panoramic photos but without the need for the user to move, which produces a spectacular effect. The Mate 20 Pro’s camera is the most versatile on the market, and to show a couple of buttons: you can photograph the far away with the super zoom and the closest, with the super macro .

The owner could, for example, take snapshots of even a spider’s hairs . Also video, with the Mate 20 Pro, rises to another level, since with the “Cinema Mode with AI” you can apply live filters on the videos that are recorded.

And what about selfies? With the Selfie IA HDR you can take spectacular photos even against the light.

And if the check Mate of the 20 Pro to its rivals has not been clear, five final details to complete the play: 6.4 ”Amoled curved screen, IP68 water resistance, 128GB expandable with Huawei’s exclusive Nano SD system, and 6GB of RAM.

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